Weekending 12 July 09

Monday:Spinning class and the gym at West Kirby. Had 1/2 an hour on a exercise bike to see what wattage I’m comfortable with. Took the front wheel to Colin  to get it trued as a spoke is continually loosening off.
Gave the bike a good dose of looking at and found the bottom bracket shot so it was off to Deeside for another.
Watched the Tour then got a refund on the fan.
Tuesday: Late morning spinning class. Fitted bottom bracket only to find I’d put a lip seal washer on the wrong way around so it was my fault it was shot. Found the chain was shot as well, so I,m litterally wearing the bike out. 2.5 hrs on the Tacx with The Giant of Provence while watching the Team Time Trial. This is one of the best starts to a Tour for ages.
Northend 10 time trial from Pulford. A strong sidewind has me loosing a minute and half on the last one. 26.38 minutes this week. Dropped to 5th in the league with the scratch riders getting 6 rides in.
Can’t complain really having mucked around on the trainer for over 2 hours.
What I did notice on the DVD was the lack of places to get water, the available ones are going to be programmed into the Garmin.
Wednesday: A damp start had me staying in. Lunch at the Eureka and then off to see Keith at Eureka Sports who is doing his Ironman this weekend in Switzerland.
Price of bike bits has shot up, £37 for a chain these days.
Fitted chain using a split link only to find most of them were 8 speed so that needs sorting. The shimano pins are a right pain. Had a look at the bottom bracket again as I noticed a creak. Next up is a new pair of Look Keo’s. They still function OK but are a bit sloppy.
Thursday: Spinning class and a session in the gym, mainly weight machines this time.
Picked up the comic on the way home along with fruit. Been checking out climbs on WWW.Climbbybike.com .
The split link wasn’t agreeing with the front mech on a test ride. Found adjuster seized so fitted a new cable adjusted the stops on the mech and that improved things.
Friday: Time to get a ride in. Drove to the Horseshoe pass only to find I’d left my shoes at home.
Tea at the Ponderosa and a slow drive home.
28 miles around Wirral after watching the Tour.
Saturday: Was going to be a ride day, but it’s time to start getting sorted for the Etape.
Manchester to sort out drop off for Friday. Saw all the direction signs for the Manchester to Blackpool charity ride.
Sunday: Marshall duty for the Open 25. Missed the 10 oclock ride from the Eureka so went out with Barry and Vickey to the renovated ICF. One hour twenty two for the outbound 25 miles meant the pace was high.
Just what I needed. 43.3 miles at 17.6 mph. The Ice Cream Farm looks realy good now, cycle racks where the hedge was and no one trying to nab a disabled space 10 ft from the door.
Incident on the way back with Vickey touching my wheel and ending up on the deck. A lad on a mountain bike confused things coming across our turn in in point. Thankfully no damage, got put on the front so it wouldn’t happen again. Led Barry out for two signposts and enjoyed the sun at the Eureka again. Meanwhile Keith is doing his Ironman in Switzerland in the rain.
Things are hotting up in the Time trial league with me going backwards having done my best rides.   I’ve gained points by doing poorly attended rides in bad weather, if 10 turn up and you finish 10th you still get 15 points.

4 thoughts on “Weekending 12 July 09”

  1. Hello Frank.
    I have just found your website for the first time and enjoy what I am reading. We must have met at the Eureka Cafe sometime, for I have been cycling to and from there since 1952 and have lots of fond memories from days long ago.
    I would like to meet you sometime soon to talk about ADVANCED HEALTH ADVICE which I have been researching for a number of years.
    I hope we can help each other.
    Home address 16, Corrie Drive off Stanton Road Bebington
    Tel 0151 334 3390

  2. Great stuff Gary, I went to Manchester and saw the route signs going out to Trafford Park. I’ll bave a look at your site to see how you got on.

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