Weekending 19 July 09

Monday:  Spinning class then the gym. Weights and a few cardio machines. Exercise bike at level 25 is just under 300 watts. Cadence is about 50 rpm which is what is was when I was going up the Shoe later.
Drove to the Ponderosa with the shoes this time and went down the Old Shoe and up the Shoe twice in 50+ minutes. The idea was to get some climbing in look at the gradient and the speed.
On the Ventoux next week if I make it I’m looking at just over 6 mph. So the 2 hours on the Tacx is real enough. On the second climb the sweat is pouring out of me, running down the peak of the cap and all over the Edge. 39×27 is doable at 8% for the Ventoux but 13 miles is iffy. Good job I’ve the buzzsaw (26) to fall back on if I blow up.
Dined out.
Tuesday: Brimstage 7 in the evening, probably the gym in the morning. Nothing daft now as I’m not looking at picking up an injury.
Hill repeats up Grange Road after the gym as I was bored. Gradient is around 7% but it’s hardly the Ventoux. Did 9 reapeats which is a couple of miles of climbing and 1045ft.
Bought a map of the area from Goulds.
Brimstage 7, which was the last one in the series. Took the tri bars off the other day and it showed. 9min 16 seconds this week. I did welcome the ability to shift gear on the drops this week.
Got soaked on the ride home.
Wednesday: Bought some decent tyres, conti Attack and Force. Fitted some new bar tape and brake pads after giving the bike another clean. Sorted the bike bag out, no seat and no bars to make the size restrictions. 20 miles on the bike but all of it flat.
Thursday: Winding down now, Gym for half an hour then a spinning class. New cleats on the shoes and a dress rehersal for what I’m going to take on the ride.
Some last minute shopping and thats me done.
Final results for the Northend Time Trial League results are out, finished third in the B league behind the two girls, Vicky and Janet.
Last minute flap, punctured a tube putting the tyre on.
Friday: 5 am start from Manchester. Going to be a long day.
Arrived in Paris at 10.30pm, no evening meal, bike bag spent the night in the room because of possible bike thefts. 
Saturday: Travel down to Montpelimar. Another long day on the coach with traffic delays due  to a caravan accident and a motorcycle crash. Hotel seems fine and the food is good. Been out of the loop tour wise for 2 days now.
Sunday: Rode 27 miles to Registration at the Etape Village. Our group of 20 split and split again and I ended up signing on on my own and the finding the others when they had booked their bikes in to the overnight bike storage. This was later abandoned in favour of returning to the Hotel with the bikes in the trailer and taking them to the start. If we get caught in a jam, just unload the trailer and ride to the start. Weather was scorching and is going to be a problem on the day.
Another good meal at the Hotel. There is a lot to catch up on but it’s time to sort things out for the big day.Rise at 4 am, breakfast 4.30, start 7.00 am finish whenever.
Monday:  Etape update: Finished around 17:12 so inside the time limit, didn’t get over the line until 7:30 so I was up against it all day. The Ventoux is just out of this world as a climb, it’s hard to comprehend how tough it was after 150 km. Big write up coming up along with the usual pictures.

place Pl.AC number name ac top of Mont Ventoux brutto
6663 1305 8480 » KINLAN, Frank D 03:20:56 10:12:39

3:20:56 to get up the Ventoux. There is a tale to tell there.

15 thoughts on “Weekending 19 July 09”

  1. Hi Frank long time no comment!!! well i have got to say their as being no significant improvement in your BLOG the same boring mind numbing ramblings! My God i am so glad i deleted your site!!!

  2. Not long now Frank. Remember to take time to enjoy the whole experience, it really is something special. We’re all rooting for you (and Lance).

  3. Thanks Stan, Looking forward to it now and not fearing it. Providing I can get cleanly away I think I’ll be alright.
    Going out without my shoes the other day was a bit of a wake up call as things like that could happen on the big day.

    anon obviously the delete button didn’t work, unlike the exclamation mark key which is suffering from overuse.

  4. Hey Frank – best of luck on Ventoux – I’ve used your site as a useful reference a lot and am immensely grateful for the effort you put into it. As you clearly do pay no mind to the eejit snipers like Anon – keep it up and have a great time on the etape !

  5. Thanks, it’s a close call at the moment the big fear being having trouble early on and the broom wagon. I don’t set out to entertain week in week out. It’s going to be a great 10 days even if I don’t make it. Better to have tried and failed than sit behind a computer sniping at those that have a go.

  6. Frank, following your exploits with interest!
    Leaving this after you have set off for the Etape – hope evrything goes to plan, good luck !

  7. Best of luck Frank. I too use your site as a reference and also inspiration. Looking forward with interest to the report.

  8. Hello Frank,
    I recommend your site to all those from CycleChat with a Garmin question! (Wish I could learn a little bit quicker though).
    Good luck for the Etape and generally. You have a great story going here and all I can say about anon is – you must lead such a perfect life ‘anon’ that no one can touch you for entertainment. Frank’s site is about being a loser – a loser of weight – a gainer of knowledge, which is shared.
    You – you’re just a loser full stop. Encourage, don’t undermine.
    Best wishes

  9. Thanks everybody, from a decent start it was desparatley close at the end. There are over 2,000 non finishers and by the looks of things if you crossed the line you got a Bronze whether you were in the time limit or not.
    The lower slopes were shear hell as it didn’t let up and there were riders walking everywhere, that or collapsed under a tree.
    I’ll save the rest for the write up, which will be seperate from the tour that I am on which is going rather well now.

  10. Great ride frank! such an event didn’t phase you, inspired by your home trainer, and finding out what you are capable of, I doubt even a blog could put it into words, but im sure you will find some! Look fwd to the “write-up”

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