Weekending 02 Aug 09

Sunday: Work, first day back after nearly a month off. 50 to boot.
Website has been crashing everynow and again so needs an update.
Captured all the thumbnails of the STI coach tour riders from the Etape, can’t upload them to flickr yet as the limit is getting reached on the free account.

4 thoughts on “Weekending 02 Aug 09”

  1. Hi Guys

    Please forgive me if i’ve posted in the wrong place as i have never used a message board or a blog before.

    I have recently bought a garmin edge 705 cycle computer as im riding the coast to coast cycle route in the uk. I tried using many sorts of route software but have found biketoaster very user friendly, i have a question which you may or may not be able to help me with.

    When planning a route i was hoping the cue sheet would allow me to add extra detail to help me along the way, unfortunately i have been adding extra detail into my scheduled rides in the cue column but this doesn’t feature anywhere on my device? My garmin edge 705 device only tells me to go, ie: north west with a distance, it doesn’t read the extra information i’ve added in the cue column, ie: look out for railway bridge. My question is:

    Is it possible to get this feature working?

    And if so what changes do i have to make?

    I don’t have much time as im starting the ride a week today, any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Regards in advance


  2. Mids, your leaving it a bit late to learn all the intracacies of a 705. First off, only 100 waypoints and 100 coursepoints per Route.
    If you ride a Course it will only bleep if you go off Course. This means you have to follow the Course exactly. A GPX route (100 waypoints) means you navigate from waypoint to waypoint. Site them at a junction and you can name the point as the turn direction.
    You need a decent Garmin map in your Edge or you will need to ride a Course.
    I haven’t ridden to a routesheet but prefering to look at the Course.
    Whatever BRT says on the page for the routesheet should appear in your 705.
    Keep playing as it’s free to play.

  3. Hi Frank

    Honestly if i had known what it was like i wouldn’t of bothered but having forked out the money after watching demos at the donington bike show, i feel im in at the deep end with my arms and legs tied together. the main problem with this device is not many bike shops understand them, i have been to two local high end bike shops and neither have a clue how to work them only that it looks nice and give you all the data you need.

    Like you have mentioned its a very steep learning curve, my partner is completely fed up having to put up with me searching websites and forums for answers.

    As i mentioned in my first post regarding the cue sheet data transfering to the device, it gives me an option to print it, xml format or a csv format which i believe is a format for POI’s on rides. Im not getting this info on my devive.

    Do i have to save the csv file in specific place and name a certain way? or is this basically a print function as a cue card? My thinking was to just print it and laminate it as a reference when im riding.

    I really do appologise for my niavity, garmin make a great product but don’t give its customers the necessary information to allow us to use it.

    Thanks again


  4. Hi Mids

    The quickest way I’ve found to get my 605 to navigate me around a route is to plot the route (I’d suggest one day at a time – or even split a day into 2 ot more parts) on http://www.bikehike.co.uk/mapview.php (it uses Google maps & Ordnance Survey maps in parallel).

    Once you’ve got the route, connect your unit via USB (you’ll need the Garmin Communicator Plugin installed) & click on Download Route. In the options that come up choose a sensible (short) name (it only lets you have 15 characters), select “GPXX route” and “GPS unit” then click “download route”. (Alternatively you can choose “file” and save them to your computer then copy them manually into the \garmin\GPX folder on your unit.)

    Routes saved this way will come up in the “Saved Rides” (under the “Where To?” menu option) and, when selected will navigate you in the same way as if you use the “find places” option, i.e. unit will beep & display “0.2 miles Right on Station Road” on screen for each turn. There will also be a pink line with the route displayed on the map screen*. (*you will need the City Navigator maps, either on disc or an SD card, if you haven’t already got them).

    It has been suggested (& I tend to agree) that you should change the recalculation setting under routing to prompted or off to stop it trying to reroute you if it has a hiccup. On the few occasions mine has done slightly odd things, I’ve found that choosing “Stop Navigation” in the “Where To?” menu & reselecting the saved ride gets things back on track.

    Hope this helps


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