Weekending 09 Aug 09

Monday: Work, need to get back out doing something. Website crashesmean just getting back up and running is taking time. Warning light issue on Polo means I’ve had no brake lights for a couple of days but it looks like an ECU fault from the manual.
Tuesday: Work. Brake light switch problem resolved last night, fine this morning. Could have been expensive. A ruck of 705 comments to reply to and facebook has just been updated with the STI Etape ride pictures.
Wednesday: Work. Last day. Etape pictures from Maindru have arrived and they are good.
Thursday: Work. Lost an Etape picture with the Tom Simpson Memorial on it which is bad news.
Friday: More work. Still haven’t rescued that picture yet and it doesn’t appear on the CD. Going to be a bad week for rides this week as I’m in work Saturday too.
Saturday: Work. Spent more time trying to rescue the Simpson Memorial photo.
Sunday: Eureka for breakfast and then home as it’s a Jack day.
Ended up fixing a laptop power socket which meant a trip to Maplin at Cheshire Oaks. The repair went ok but was a bit of a struggle to get it apart and back together.
Paul upgraded the WordPress version so all I need now is a decent theme.
Had a look at the Tour pictures so I should really do another post now thing have settled down.

4 thoughts on “Weekending 09 Aug 09”

  1. Hi Frank,
    Have you any knowledge of the SatMap Active 10. I see that quite a few people are suggesting that it is comparable and maybe better than the Garmin 705. Any thoughts? I was out doing the Horseshoe Pass this afternoon and missed a turning along the way. Think its about time I bite the bullet and get myself a sat nav. Looks like the SatMap is being discounted so that its a comparable price to the Garmin.

    Cheers, Tony

  2. Hi Frank, Me and Barb did our first club ride ( Liverpool Century ) today,we went to Rufford, we were told it would be about 50 miles round trip but was actually 61, my computer reckoned we had averaged 16 mph. we are both pleased and suprised that we managed it with comparitive ease, There were not too many climbs and they were pretty shallow anyway but we got the miles in which was the main thing. See you in work tomorrow. John & Barb

  3. hi frank
    Just jumped on here to see if you had any wwc pics from sunday 30th
    Noted your polo problem–its the Brake pedal switch and its a VW £78 job!!
    Give it a kick or jiggle the wiring loom to the switch and it may not play up for a few months (like ours!! lol)
    Cant say i found the wwc at all nice as i packed at the bottom on the A5 after Vivod . should never have entered with a back muscle problem.
    Ah well next year beckons.

    Tim Ellis Aka tomo .largy .mark

    1. Hi tim,
      I took 1 pic at the bottom of the shoe and that was it, had a flat battery so that was it.
      Tried the jiggle the loom and that cured it.
      I stopped at Vivod because I thought I heard the tyre pop but it hadn’t.
      You missed the sting in the tail and boy was it bleak at the end.

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