Etape 2009 8480

These are the pictures from Maindru the event photographers. I’ve got to admit I am well impressed with them.


This one is the favourite one, but I’ve another one with the Tom Simpson Memorial in the background that I’m still awaiting.

Didn’t know if this one would turn up as a rider stopped right in front of the guy. Great positioning to get the tower in shot.




Must be near the summit as I’m smiling, I wasn’t smiling in the forest more like nearly in tears.



An earlier Col,  generally the photographer sat in the road and you could go either side. Really impressed with the detail on the Ventoux one you can see the barcode lines of the frame number.


8 thoughts on “Etape 2009 8480”

  1. Great pictures Frank. I did the Wild Edric sportive last Sunday (107 miles and 3800m climbing) and it’s cruel, brutal hills. I was thinking of your achievement while on the road and can almost imagine the agony that you must have gone through. Well done and keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Frank, Another 65 miles today, went to the ice cream farm with the club ride, much harder than last week, someone kept putting HILLS in the way or where they MOUNTAINS, glad no work tomorrow give me time to recover. See you in work on Tuesday. John

  3. Cracking photos Frank, you must be chuffed with them. I believe there may be a few for your “I love me” wall…:-)

  4. Hi Franky. What an achievement!. The Ventoux is a mega mountain. My claim to fame is I flew above it a few years back on a gliding flight. I’m not worthy….your brother Dave

  5. Hi Dave, we spent most of the day riding around it. The moonscape where all the photographers were is the easy bit. It just looks hard as you can see it kick up from miles away.

  6. Joby, once your on the Ventoux there is no way down. So you can’t give up. Nice site you’ve got there. I need to upgrade but can’t afford to loose any of the archive.
    Weights a killer on a climb and it’s a tough ask to get down to a BMI of 25 again.

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