Weekending 23 Aug 09

Monday: Spinning class at West Kirby then the gym.  143 Km with the Northend on Saturday had me dropping off the back when the pace varied.
Started to get cramp if I came out the saddle near the end.
Ride was to Ellesmere and averaged about 18 mph.
Tuesday: Work
Wednesday: Course all day. Went to the Oval for a session in the gym before trying on of the Spinning sessions they now run. I’ll be looking at doing the late one after work as I haven’t been doing enough. First time I’ve done one of Sara’s classes and had to get used to a different routine and pace.
You can teach an old dog new tricks as she added a new twist to the inner thigh stretch all the classes do at the end.
667 Calories.
Thursday: Work
Friday: Work
Saturday: No ride, faffed around. Off for 12 days with the Wild Wales coming  next Sunday.
Sunday: Jack day, walked along the river Dee at Chester.

10 thoughts on “Weekending 23 Aug 09”

  1. Hi Mate, Hope your well, Im fast going through bikes now :), I believe you found some carbon bikes that ad no upper limit on rider weight , can you remeber what they were?

  2. Hi Gary, so I noticed. Treks have no weight limit, that’s why I bought mine. Also they have a lifetime gurantee on the frame that lasts as long as your are the owner. Accident damage is not covered.
    I had to order mine as it’s a triple. I noticed Bontrager have stopped making the spoke paired wheels that came with my Madone.
    You need a set of bombproof wheels that’ll want an inspection after every ride. Your still a big lad and you can quickly destroy a wheel if it’s not up to the job. Loctiteing spokes after they had been trued was my way out of persistant loose spokes on rides.

  3. Frank,
    Good to see you back online. I note that you are entered for the Wild Wales Challenge on Sunday. As I have blogged I also have an entry but am seriously dithering. You probably did the Challenge last year so have some idea what to expect. I drove the 90 mile course last weekend (I know its always a mistake to do that) and I was a little taken aback at the amount of climbing, and some steep cimbing at that. You had better have you best climing wheels on as you will need them.
    I am so concerned that I don’t think me and the Harry Hall have the legs to do that route: 39/52 with 12/28. I now you wisely have a triple and I think you will need it. I also have the Dawes with a triple that would be the correct gearing but its just a bit like hauling a garden gate around with the weight of the thing.
    Anyway, if I decide to go ahead and have a bash (I need to travel to the Middle East on Monday so that is in the back of my mind!) I will give you a wave when you sprint past me.
    Cheers Tony

  4. hi frank – are you doing wild wales then – have you got a route for the garmin – or do you know someone who has?

  5. Tony,Phil, I’m down to do it but Vals father has just passed away so I may have to give it a miss.
    Tony you could go compact but even that is not low enough for me when you hit the steep stuff. I’ve been up the Old Shoe a couple of times with the first being the worst.

    Phil there is a Course on BikeHike, do a search for Bala or Wild Wales. I’ll be having a go at one myself as it appears to double back at one stage but I hadn’t got that far on the routecard.

  6. Frank,
    Please accept all our condolences at this time.
    To be honest Frank it wasn’t the Old Horsehoe Pass that was causing me most worry. There appears to be quite a number of really sharp climbs, OK they are not that long but are very frequent and mostly come in the 2nd half of the route. Frequent enough for me to know there is some walking to be done. I have only just replaced my cleats after the last sportive.
    I will make a decision closer to Sunday as to my entry. Here is a link to the course that was posted on the website:

  7. Thanks Frank mate.

    Picked up a bargain Ribble with hand built Mavic wheels, It’s an ideal winter hack, will look at a Madone in the summer though.

  8. http://www.finesseimaging.co.uk/Images/Galleries/Event/WildWales2009/DisplayPicture.shtml/Images/Galleries/Event/WildWales2009/WildWales2009113.Gallery/WildWales2009113.Sample.JPG?Caption=WildWales2009113.JPG&Gallery=&Current=113&Max=558&Order=1

    Frank, is that piccie you?

    Despite my plan to bale out at Llangollen I decided to go the entire route and had a pretty good ride despite a few walks! Got to Bala about 16:50 hrs so that was 7 1/2 hours in the saddle which I was really pleased with. It was great to bump in to you on the day and just added to it all for me.
    Take care and I hope that you get some time on the bike.
    Cheers Tony

  9. Thanks Tony, it is moi. Walked from the church to the cemetary on Church Hill then got back on. I had wanted to avoid the climb from Cerrig but the route back looked longer.
    God it was bleak on that mountain. I started a ride write up now things are starting to look up a bit.

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