Weekending 20 Dec 09

Monday: Cleaned the car, the bike didn’t go in vertically with the seat on so I’m going to have to rethink this one. If i’d have some common sense I’d have took a tape measure to the showroom before I bought it. A trip to Borders for some books now at a 40% discount. Car now dirty again.
Tuesday: Val not well with what could be swine flu symptoms despite having the vaccine. A trip out to see the rumoured Sky Pinarellos at the Bike Factory proved a waste so it was a drive through the lanes eventually ending up at the Plassey.
Spinning class at the Oval.
Had tried to book in at West Kirby but it was full, it probably wasn’t a wise move to tell Margaret but it was she that mentioned settling for second best so a hard time ensued.
Did 2km on the rowing machine beforehand in 8:47 which is average.
The class was 750 calories at the end  with a decent stretch. Spoke to Margaret at the end along with the woman that mentioned about the Santa run about 2 maybe 3 years ago. (Me not being a runner, EVER)
Starting to look scary if I look back at the history and where I am now.
Back to basics for the moment and next year will take care of itself.
Bike wise there are some nice bikes from around £500 if you think I’m ever getting ahead of myself. Loose 6 kg  and you’ve lost a bikes worth never mind spending £35 on a 23g bottlecage. Ditch the bottle and save 850g of water, times that by two and save 1.7 Kg.
Time for a reality check, every lb or Kg that I loose makes me better in every respect. I should know this but have let things slip of late. Probably a good time to set some 2010 goals, not some to be forgoten 2 months into the year.

Etape pictures at a 30% discount now if you couldn’t afford them.
 Wednesday: Work, booked a class at 8 after work so I’m starting to ramp up after a couple of slack months.
Didn’t happen as I was the only one booked on for the class. Girl running the class was on nights after doing the first class.
Tried the fitness level on the exercise bike which was a waste of time.
A score of 54 was acheived with not the perceived effort I had in mind.
45 Minutes travelling was wasted  and an exercise bike is no  substitute for an instructor led spinning class.
Shower and home.
Thursday: Work.Nothing of note.
Friday: Work. Had planned a ride after work, but with freezing conditions and commutors at work getting wiped out on Ice it’s not going to happpen.

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