Weekending 27 Dec 09

Monday: Spinning class at West Kirby with a few asking where I’d got to. Gym afterwards for weights, a kilometer on the rowing machine then the shower.
Callled in at my mums and watched the sqirells pinch the nuts out of the bird feeders.
The car got put through the carwash and it was a trip to Halliwell Jones to see why the windows opened on Sunday letting in the snow.
Booked in at the Oval for another Spinning class only to find the carpark empty and reception saying didn’t I get the message. It turns out the girls had all come in Santa hats and brought tinsel for the bikes.
Would have been a good class.
Did 45 minutes on the Exercise bike Cross Country program which was 540 calories, spent most of it looking at wattage seeing as I’d had a Wattbike leaflet through the post (£1600)
Tuesday: Another Spinning class at West Kirby followed by a trip to Chester for Christmas shopping. The black clouds that I’d seen in the morning had dumped about an inch of snow over Heswall with it turning to ice on the Chester High road. The traction control cutting in and out trying to get up the hill to Tesco’s.
Called off another spinning class and tommorows planned ride out to the Eureka looks very dodgy.
Wednesday:  Drove out to the Eureka where about 10 nutters had ridden out.  No one from anywhere north of Neston. Drank too much tea and headed home to do some xmas shopping.


Spinning class at West Kirby , my last for the year.
Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: Work. 12 Hours, possibly my worst xmas ever. Not looking forward to this one bit.
Eureka Cafe next open on 2nd January.

One thought on “Weekending 27 Dec 09”

  1. Frank,

    I’m pretty sure the Eureka is closed tomorrow? I won’t be going out anyway, combination of a cold (that’s 3 successive Christmas’ with a cold for me 😦 ) and the icey conditions means I’ll sit in front of the TV I think!


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