Weekending 06 June 2010

Monday: Rode to the Eureka which was pretty empty for a bank holiday. Andy Walsh was there and he showed me more of his handiwork with a spraygun having recently repainted Barrys Trek Madone. I’ll post some of the pictures up or a link to them when I finally get around to get the blog hosting sorted.
Called in at CycleSurgery on the way home to look at the Sky Kit and see if they had anymore in stock, which they hadn’t. The latest craze is FourSquare It would make a good tool for locating cycle friendly Cafes to ride to. Opening times for them would be handy.
Tuesday: Tex’s morning spinning class at the Oval. More work on the house to do and a rear wheel for the Trek to sort out. Still not sorted after 3 bearing changes, putting it down to a worn axle. Missed the Aqueduct Challenge at the weekend and need to sort out if I’m going to do the Bob Clift Memorial 100 mile ride on the 13th. This will need a day off work.
Exporting the blog seems to have worked , the next thing is to get it hosted on WordPress so I get access to the latest themes and widgets.
Wednesday: Work , wouldn’t have been too bad with a late start on a decent day only to have The Mayor of the Eureka Cafe message me from FourSquare when he checked in.
Thursday: Work
Friday: Work, rear wheel of the Trek to sort out .
Saturday: Work,last day. Rear wheel finally sorted thanks to some input from Dean, 4 thou wear on the axle was sorted and I was going to do a tutorial but inspection of the rim revealed cracks.


Three cracks in the rim mean it’s the end of the road for this wheel, which is a pity as they have seen some sights. I’m really attached to them and getting a better pair is going to set me back few bob. Bladed spokes mean they do really well in any rolloffs.
Sunday: Jack Day so no ride. Amazed how a 4 year old trainspotter remembers what class of train runs on what line.
What’s Cooking for lunch as it was Pauls Birthday the other day.

2 thoughts on “Weekending 06 June 2010”

  1. Good to see you back Frank rejuvenated for the challenge. The new website looks good and definately bang up to date. Been slipping myslef of late and been using the excuse of the delayed delivery of my new frame as an excuse (steel of course!, 853). I will look out for you on the lanes.
    Cheers, Tony

  2. Thanks Tony, 853 that sounds like good winter bike material. It’s hard to comprehend how far this blog has got me. I was on the Etape and one of the riders on the trip had been on the site for advice. A decent Triathlete who would leave me in the shade.
    Got to sort the house out first but next Sunday is the first 100 miler bar a new grandchild arriving.

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