A fresh start with the new look Blog

It’s time for a fresh start with the new look blog. I’ve virtually stopped blogging and riding since my dad’s death last September.  He was immensley proud of my Etape ride, telling the nurses that this was his lad and he’s ridden a Tour de France stage on visits to intensive care.
One of the results of of the decrease in riding is that I’ve put on 10 Kg  and it shows. I’ve only got to look back at the archive to see what I’ve been capable of. 

Thanks to Paul for sorting out the re-direction to this blog which is hosted by WordPress.The old blog was hosted by SwitchMedia who told Paul about the Garmin searches that end up here. The 705 page is going to get a rewrite as I’m still on the first page of most 705 searches and usually the first non commercial one (which does stand out).  I’m still getting mail from Pakistan glove manufactures wanting to give me free samples of gloves following the Aldi cycle clothing reviews.

Rides: Used to be one of the sites strong points thanks to the early use of GPS.  Missing out on the first part of the season means next Sunday is going to be my fist 100 miler of the year. Many I talk to look to starting out on a charity ride as their start to becoming a cyclist, so I’m toying with Liverpool-Chester-Liverpool mainly because you get 5 miles of riding under the River Mersey. Normal service should be resumed in 2011.
The Bike: Now starting to show its age or at least parts of it are. I’ve been messing around with the rear wheel for a while now replacing bearings a couple of times only to find the axle worn, this wouldn’t have been too bad if during the course of the repair I hadn’t found three cracks in the rim.
Comments: Over 2000 of them which according to Paul is a lot.  The aim is to get back to you within a day.
Garmin Forum: The new site should allow me to implement this idea and get more of your input.
Pages: Going to get revamped. Content updated, links if they are broken, fixed.

The picture: Etape 2009 by the Simpson Memorial.

7 thoughts on “A fresh start with the new look Blog”

  1. That’s a touching story about your dad. I like the new look for the blog too.

    I just wanted to say thanks for the link to the British Heart Foundation’s diet (and your blog in general is really helpful). I’ve decided to use the diet myself and have been on it for a couple of weeks now. The proportions you should eat of the various foods were a revelation to me -I didn’t expect as much carbs, and I used to eat more protein than they allow. Lost 9lbs so far, 70 still go!

    1. Thanks Christie, I’ll reciprocate the link once I start to get the site properly sorted. Nice looking blog youve got there. Having WordPress host mine should make things a lot easier to change.
      The blog has turned my life around , I must have been doing something right when the BHF told me the link had changed.

  2. I thought I’d post my response to your reply below here.

    Frank, I’m one of the people who found your site from searching about Garmin… the original 305 Garmin that is! However, what hooked me, and I am sure many others, is your fantastic example of your turn-around: the weight loss, getting fit again and then the continued improvement as a cyclist. I think this motivates a great deal of readers, and is what brings me back for more… Your attitude of “if I can do it, so can you…” is highly encouraging.

    Going through a mourning period following your loss is understandable and expected. However, you can use the fact that your father was proud of your cycling achievements as motivation to get you back on the bike and riding consistently.

    It would be interesting, at least for me, if you could mention in your future posts more details about your dieting and food intake, and how you plan on losing the additional 10kgs. I’m sure you are going back to the BHF diet, it would be good to hear how you plan to implement it from the perspective of an active cyclist. I have about the same amount of kgs to lose as well (10-15kgs), which I have been keen on losing forever.

    It’s good to have you back!

    1. Hi Loukas, it was a double hit with Val loosing here father the same week, we buried both within 24 Hrs. I haven’t published weights for a long time now even though I take it every day. Today it was 96 Kg.
      I’ll try and do more about the weight loss side of things as I realise it is a very sensitive subject. It takes a lot of guts to post on a site like this that you have a problem with your weight.
      My problem has been in the empty calories in a bottle of red wine or two and the lack of that 30 minutes a day I used to do whatever the weather.

      One thing that does spur me on is a comment like yours, the Garmin side can take over things due to the volume of traffic that it generates. Lots of others still come to see about the weightloss side of the site which was what it was about in the firstplace.
      Traffic doubled in the last few hours.

  3. I like the new design Frank. I’ve been reading the blog ever since it was featured on the BBC a while back. I’m originally form Wallasey but have been up in Edinburgh for 17 years, so it is good to read of all your training on the Wirral and in North Wales.

  4. Mate, nice new look, and as for your situation with your family, been there done that and you have my sympathy. I’m one for corny sayings and one of my favourites is John Lennon’s “Life is what happens to you while you’re making plans.” I know this to be a massive truism.

    As for the weight loss thing, well you know the score with me so I won’t bang on about it too much, suffice it to say I wouldn’t be nearly 5 stones lighter with approaching 3000 cycling miles under my belt in a year if it hadn’t been for you. And for that you have my undying gratitude.



  5. Thanks Clive, I’ll put a link into your site when the blogroll gets sorted.
    Took to riding on my own again to sort my head out.

    Great pictures of Llangollen Chris, spent my honeymoon in the ChainBridge Hotel and rode the Aqueduct Challenge last year, the route sheet is by my side, as I’ve missed this years ride.

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