Weekending 20 June 2010

Monday: Restday, did Barbara’s Spinning class at West Kirby as I’d booked it the week before. A full class.
Tuesday: Tex’s spinning class at the Oval followed by a few weight machines.  Tex’s classes are instructor led with you rarely getting a rest, usually getting told to push harder. Bought a pair of wheels from the Bike factory, Mavic Ksyrium Elites got them for a stonking price too, far better than anything you can see on the net.
Put the Conti Attack and Force tyres on them ready for a ride.
I had tried to buy a rim for the Bontrager Race Lites but was told it would be a different colour thus breaking the unwritten rule about not riding a bike with different colour wheels. Deeply ingrained in cycling are the Rules:.
Wednesday: Ride day, brilliant weather It was a hard job to leave the Eureka after chatting about bikes with Dave and Maurice. Headed out to Walk Mill and came back via Chester and the River Dee cyclepath. Stopped to take a picture of the A380 wing being loaded at high tide.  Pics in due course. Played around with the 705 trying to recover Sundays ride. Saved it as Course from earlier misshaps. Caught the sun so Rule: whatever won’t be  broken. 56 miles.
Wheels are good, found out what was causing miss shifts on the rear mech. It has Nokon cables on it and if moves it alters the position of the rear mech.
No Bikes
The toy at the Plough

Walk Mill

Walk Mill View

Thursday:  Various bits and bobs to do. Managed to recover 70 odd miles of Sundays ride thanks to TCXconverter.  Cleaned the Mini and picked up the missing pump and slime for the tyres.  An oil change is £180 or I can wait till 15000 miles and have it done on the TLC plan for free.
Friday: Work.

2 thoughts on “Weekending 20 June 2010”

  1. Hi,Frank first of all well done,at losing all that weight.i wanted to ask your advice i hope you dont mind.i have started riding my bike,i do about 10 to 15 miles a day at present,7 days a week.i have cut back on my food intake cutting back my calories.i weigh 17 stone at the moment my ideal weight i have ben told about 13-14 stone.how long would it take to lose that amount of weight if you dont mind me asking,many thanks.vincent.

    1. Hi Vincent, a pound of fat is 3500 calories so cutting your intake by 500 calories a day will loose you 1 pound a week. 500 calories in the gym can be quite hard work. A bit harder/faster on the bike would burn more as your doing the distance anyway. Cut back on the booze as they are empty calories.
      A small change can have a significant effect, 1 Mars bar less a day would loose you 25 pound plus in a year. Don’t over reward yourself for the mileage you are doing. Cut back on high calorie foods and you’ll be fine.

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