Weekending 05 Dec 2010

Last week only had a ride out to the Eureka on Wednesday doing a Course on the new Edge 800. Routing appeared on the top of the screen while the Coursepoints appeared on the bottom of the screen. I must have spent half an hour trying to get the multi screens to show what I wanted them to show.  You can have 10 bits of information on display  but it is hard to see that much while on the move. Did a few of Tex’s spinning classes at the Oval too.
Thursday to Sunday was work again so no ride.
This week is much the same with a sprinkling of snow probably ruling out a Wednesday ride.  The Magicshine bike lights have finally arrived from DealExtreme after 6 weeks of waiting.  I knew there was going to be a delay as soon as the toner bombs were found on the cargo planes.  The package had spent a month in Hong Kong post office. Sundays ride home the other week was changed because the much praised Cateye EL530 is useless as a light to ride by.
The MagicShine costs less comes with a battery pack and a charger too, is seriously bright with 5 modes including an insane strobe mode. Just charging the battery up as I write this.
One morning spinning class this week.  Looks like any ride on Wednesday will have to be on a main road as side roads aren’t gritted.
Dropped the ride for another of Tex’s spinning classes, then drove to the Eureka.  Only a few made it by bike. I drove along route 56 to see what it was like  and it’s just as well as there were patches of ice everywhere.

Thursday: Becky’s Spinning class at the Oval.
Looks like the bike is out for the next week or two.  I’ve only got to step out onto the pavement to see how bad things are.

5 thoughts on “Weekending 05 Dec 2010”

  1. The MagicShine is what all bike lights should be like. I still can’t get over people on Wiggle giving the Cateye 5 stars as it hopeless, a bright white spot that looks good on a meter reading but a poor corona. The mount is useless and keeps slipping when it hits a bump. Tightening it up too much will strip the plastic.
    I might order another or at least another battery pack. No import duty or VAT to pay as DX say it’s worth $28, came with a three pin plug charger too.

  2. New bikeshop is opening in Irby called “Vito”. Looks like it’s going to aim at the “upmarket” bike rider – it’s not actually open yet, but today had several Kuota and Eddy Merckx bikes (about 8 altogether) in the shop.

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