Weekending 23 Jan 2011

Didn’t quite get to finish of last weeks post but the course is on GarminConnect.  First job was to get a wheel magnet for the Cadense sensor. Problem was Wheelbase (Colin Brick) is shut on a Wednesday.  Next port of call was Clifton Bathrooms to photograph the shower  enclosure I’ve just bought. If you think Garmin instruction are a bit lacking wait to you try shower enclosures, the print out of the pdf was next to useless so it was a trip out on the bike to see it in the flesh.

This led me back to the new Wirral Trail, after last weeks debacle I had to get it sorted.  After Rock Park I’d have to say it’s a bit mixed, you get routed through a housing estate on side of Brombough Pool (now a landfill site) and then get routed through a brownfields industrial estate to reach to path along the the coast to Eastham Country Park.

The coastal bit is is nice but a bit short, there was a walking group of about 50 walkers going through the estate. Conversation with like minded holding it all together as there is nothing to recommend  most of it. Nice river views though.

You’re at a bit of a loss after the Tap and The Eastham Ferry hotel route wise as there are no scenic routes  through a tank farm, Vauxhalls and Oil Sites Road. All a shadow of their former selves. Tankers not giving you enough room  being the main hazard. Next stop was the Cycle shop at Cheshire Oaks with some nice kit on display but no wheel magnets.  Hope light is down to £59 but next to a MagicShine that I didn’t get a price of, probably RSP @ £129.
There were two old guys from the Eureka there that had done the L’eroica in Italy  last year.   A mudguard fitting pre-ride did not go to plan as you can’t get the blade under a  carbon seatstay bridge on what looks like any of them. Got to the Eureka just after 12 and eventually got talking to 2 chaps about Garmins and eventually the site which one of them had already come across. It’s a small world.
The ride home was back along the Chester High road and it’s not a nice ride at times. Lorries cut you up, vans deliberatly block you from filtering down the inside but today it’s not a problem. I’m out in the sun on my bike and they are still at work.
It’s much the same in Heswall, anyway the destination was the new bike shop in Irby to look at some bling bikes. Not content with a shop full of carbon exotica , Sabbath are dropping of their test fleet today. It’s all Tittanium and looks very nice. I’m in the mood for the September, audax model. It’s a pity you can’t get mudguard eyes welded on to the top of the range models or maybe you can.

I’m just looking for the ultimate winter bike, my Trek is great but from what you read newer, stiffer is not better. The bikes are getting too specific now, bottom brackets are now massive, chainstays likewise. Great on a smooth road, but 0n what I ride on I need a bit of comfort.
35 miles, 1 Cafe stop, 2 Bikeshops. Magnet bought in HALFORDS.!!!!!!

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