Weekending 17 Apr 2011

Monday: Work
Tuesday: Work
Wednesday: Work, got knocked back on the redundancy package.
Thursday: Set about planning the Spring 50  route on RidewithGPS.com after finding the CTC track had an error in it because it was a ride turned into a Course.  This was an excuse to go to a bike shop and the try the Edge 800 new settings out. Things went really well with turn directions coming up when they should. Still not convinced about Coursepoints, Garmin seem to place them on the actual turn which is too late. Must be down to the routable maps.
Friday:  Tackle a few jobs that I’ve been putting off, like the shower drain and screen.
Pretty much sorted for Sunday the plan being to ride out, do the 50 and ride home. Not planning to do anything daft on Saturday just a local ride probably involving a Cafe stop.
Starting to look at the longer term and this doesn’t involve a Saga plan with a free Parker pen (£1.50) from a Parky advert. I may have hit 50 + but Funeral plans and easyline at the gym are a bit much.
Saturday: Did a Wirral loop of 43 miles picking up some plumbing fitting from Screwfix and calling in at Vita just before Daves Vita ride called back to the shop.
The shop echoing with Garmin bleeps from riders not pressing stop.
Looking at some of the bikes, your going to need a good set of aero wheels just to hang on the back. Eat Phils sandwiches much to his amusement as not having done the shop ride.
Sunday: Rode out to the start of the CTC  Spring 50 calling in at the Eureka for gels and a drink. Ended up doing 21 miles to the start with only 5 minutes in hand for my signing on time.
It had turned out to be a really  nice day with  a record entry of nearly 170 riders.
I started in the last group with Team Wallace and Grommit, had a go up the hill but got passed on the Straight Mile by Chris with the others in tow. Allan said to leave him to it. Twice we had to call him back after he had missed a turn. It did speed things up though.


Route wise everything was going great until the stop at Overton.

Things started to go wrong on the return leg, going offcourse had the Garmin trying to recalculate the Route and wanting me to do a U-turn.  This didn’t happen once but repeatedly for a about 5 miles.  So it looks as if I’m going to revisit the options  again. Completed the 50 mile Course but for some reason the Edge had me doing 5000 miles not 50. and whereas I had just completed my first 1,000 miles on the Edge 800 now it is showing 6000 miles.

Back to Janet’s ride, it hasn’t changed over the years but the numbers have.  Nearly 170 on this one and they all needed catering for at the stop. Had a bit of time to enjoy some of the views this year and it’s amazing what you miss. A ride like this takes a lot of organising and it means the organising club doesn’t get to ride their event. In contrast  to a sportife/charity ride  where your entry is paying for the marshalls/timing/charity!!!!!!??/ for what is basically the same event.

I lament the loss of Stan’s Audax and Sportif rides due to a certain Liverpool club turning it into a club ride with only one entering. Other clubs are just as guilty as I’ve seen the Sunlight do it too.  Stunning day , classic ride with great views, exellent CTC organisation, not a race but you could have fooled me.

Blew up on the ride home as I didn’t have anything to eat at the Eureka, thank God  I had a gel I’d purchased earlier in the back pocket.
93 miles not the 5000 odd Garmin have me doing.

5 thoughts on “Weekending 17 Apr 2011”

  1. Hi Shaun,
    If your riding someones Course no directions will come up as it’s just a repeat of their ride. You need to add Coursepoints or let the mapping sites do it for you. That’s what all the Course options are for as the next point is usually a turn.
    See Dave as he seems to get the turn directions on his 705

  2. Hi Frank
    I’m sorry if I gave the wrong impression. I discontinued my my rides : Pontcysyllte Aqueduct Challenge, Mills Hills audax etc. because entries were too low to sustain them. It would be unfair to blame a long forgotten disagreement with small number of riders from a Liverpool club. Much more a case of me being out of step by organising rides that appeal to me. Taking the Spring 50 as an example, 50 miles thru Cheshire is a 3 hour training ride after work, not an event. But Mills Hills attracted less than 1/10th the entry at 1/4 the fee.

    I’m riding the Etape du Tour (Issoire to St Flour) in July. Unfinished business with the Puy Mary, although it goes up the easy side this year. Still places available and you can enter online if you fancy another decoration for your handlebars.

  3. Frank,
    Just updated the Edge 800 this morning to software version 2.2. This is supposed to fix the trips to the southern hemisphere that we have both experience (amongst other things).
    Looks like a great day for a ride out to test the new software!
    Cheers Tony

  4. Thanks for coming back to me Stan, I was thinking of doing some (1)your routes over the weekend while in work today. Some of the guys that frequent Vita are paying £30, £40 for Sportife entries for little more than a time and finisher cert.
    I’m focusing on solo rides as once rush hour and the school run are over 95% of the roads are empty.

    The Etape number is off the bike following a bar change, good luck with the Etape, I did look at the Baxter trip again but I’m in no shape for it. I’ve got the time off but planned zilch.

    Thanks Tony, so it wasn’t just me. Didn’t manage to update TrainingCenter last night either.

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