Weekending 30 Apr 2011

May as well roll two weeks of posts into one. Last Saturdays ride on the 23rd turned out to be a dead loss Garmin wise as it turned a 20 odd mile ride into a 6 mile ride and this was following a Course to try out the routing software. I’d even considered sunspots affecting the Global Positioning Satellites after listening to a Radio 4 program.
This was after I’d updated the software to 2.20 to fix the previous problem.
Monday: 50 mile ride around the Wirral coast. Started out with the ride showing zero MPH despite putting a new battery in the cadence sensor. Cadence sensor read even if it had been turned off on the Edge 800.  Removing the battery from the cadence sensor was the only way to get things back to normal but looks like another bug in the software. Just like old 705 days this, fix one problem and cause another one.
Other than that, things went well, a bit of a headwind going up the Wirral but cruised down the front at Seacombe  hitting 27 mph at times.

8 thoughts on “Weekending 30 Apr 2011”

  1. Frank, why would a change to the cadence sensor have any effect on the 800’s monitoring of speed as it uses GPS info for speed? I’m still on 2.1 and haven’t had any of the problems which you seem to be getting. Having worked in IT for 33 years I would always avoid going to the (b)leading edge of any software – let the other poor sods find the bugs! Perhaps one of the settings is causing problems?

    1. Hi Chris, I’m not so sure about it using GPS info for speed as it calibrates your wheel size. The option to use one or the other isn’t there yet. The GSC10 is designed to be used with watches and the likes of the Edge 500. It’s pretty frustrating to be having these problems on a 3rd generation device. I thought I had it cracked at one stage. Owe it to all that visit the site which is sitting at 400 a day. There are a lot more settings to play with on an 800 which brings it into un tested territory.

  2. Hi Frank, just found your blog after a google search for losing weight by cycle sent me to this BBC page: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/7953197.stm

    Inspirational, and something I’m going to give a go myself. I’m a postman, but an overweight one and today one of my linters called me a “fat b#stard” and I’ve had enough. I’m tempted to start a blog myself to plot my progress because it seems coming back to the blog has helped with motivation because if you did t exercise and lose weight what would you have to report?

    Just wondering, did you ever do a recap or summary of the best ways in your opinion of going about losing the weight? If not I’m sure one would go down very well.



    1. Ignore that, now I’ve switched to the main site and not the iPad optimised one wordpress automatically serves up I can see everything. Great work.

  3. https://forums.garmin.com/showthread.php?t=18357

    Above is a link to a utility that someone has written. You also have suffered from the rogue Patagonian course points which ruins your activity total. With this utility you can change it back to the correct distance. One thing that I found was that the FIT total file stores in kilometres so you need to convert your miles to km to input. I actually had to add a few km to get exactly the correct mileage as it didn’t appear to be a straight 0.625 relationship. Enjoy the wedding today!!!!
    Cheers, Tony

  4. Frank,
    I use my 800 without a magnet on the wheel – I’ve got a cadence sensor on my Scott Addict but only for measuring cadence (magnet on the crank) and on my other bike, no sensor at all – yet the 800 measures speed ok. I’ve used the 800 when walking and in the car (where I discovered my car speedo overreads by 10%) – in all cases wheel size doesn’t come into it cos it doesn’t know how many revs/min the wheel is doing. Try removing the magnet from your wheel, I think the 800 will use GPS. (I’ve also noticed that it under-displays speed when going under heavy tree cover, indicating that it’s using satellites to work out speed).

  5. Further to my last post, see page 16 of the 800 owners’ manual ” If there is no GSC 10 paired, GPS data is used to calculate the speed and distance.”

  6. Hi Chris the unit was paired but turned off, been OK since I removed the battery. I had thought of displaying satellite signal strength to debug the problem.

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