Weekending 08 May 2011

Monday:  A bit late getting out  had me do another trip around the Wirral for just short of 50 miles. Fairly steady with one incident going down Thurstaton cutting.  I’m doing close to 40mph when a little old lady in a Micra draws alongside me and doesn’t pass. I’m forced to brake to let her get ahead rather than become statistic number 82.  The head wind had me down to 9 mph at stages.
Called in at Screwfix on the way home in the off chance that they were open on a Bank Holiday and they were, until 6pm with no customers for a couple of hours.

Tuesday: Took a trip up to Vita in the afternoon where the last stages of the Vita Due  Sportive were getting posted.  Starts at Ness Gardens through Cheshire. A bit like the Steve Cummings training ride in reverse. Avoids Oil Sites Road though. 85 miles on 19 th June

Wednesday: Work

Thursday:  Aldi Summer Cycling Offers are back. Cycling mitts at £3.49 are still one of the best bargains around. I’ll probably end up getting a pair to compare with the previous pair.
If you opt for the toolkit and bag, throw away the tyre levers  as the plastic is too soft and won’t get a tyre off the rim.
The Cape is good value at £9.99 as it stows itself into the rear pocket.
More later.

Friday: Work
Saturday: Work, Last day then 4 off. Downloaded an OSM map and started using that. Updated the Edge 800 Dummies guide. Also
Sunday: Ride Day. Well it would of if things went to plan. Delayed ride to a downpour so set about other things with the Giro coming up on Eurosport.
Get a phone call from Val that the Polo is loosing water again, not good as this is the second time in 2 days. Watch Giro then take the car out for a shakedown.
The good news is that it’s not engine related, the bad news is that is the heater matrix or the joint on it. It’s just about the most inacessable job on the car, caught just in time but it needs sorting before it escalates.
Email is down and there could be a problem with the domain until Paul has a word.
Signed up for another year with WordPress hosting the blog.

4 thoughts on “Weekending 08 May 2011”

  1. Frank,
    do you have any details of the Vita ride? The website doesn’t show where it goes. Just looking to get a rough idea, i know the Wirral/Delamere quite well.

  2. Hi BH, Give them a ring. They were literally posting it as I was in the shop so I don’t know what the route is. Nice out in that neck of the woods though.

  3. Frank,
    I think you have mentioned this before but……. I normally create all my own routes in bikeroutetoaster and load them to the Garmin 800. I have now downloaded someone elses GPX files and loaded them to bikeroutetoaster. They load OK with map, elevation, distance etc. However they do not populate the cue sheet with the turn by turn info. Is this normal and is the reason that I am loading someone elses GPX. I assume that it will work fine on the road with directions etc. What I also note is that there are no red course point pins on the map route. Any thoughts??
    Cheers Tony

    1. Tony,
      when you do the Course there is another set of options under the Spanner icon such as Turn Guidance -On.Then select the Map Button and turn Course Points — ON . You can set the Route colour too. It’s in the 800 Dummies Guide. I’ve some Mapping Screenshots that I want to add to. As always you can never find any of this on the Garmin site.

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