Weekending 05 June 2011

Wednesday:  Spent the last week or so wondering whether to purchase a bike on the Cycle to work scheme but finally opting to refurbish the Carbitubo. A trip to C and G finishes last week had me scouring the internet for some original stickers.  More when I get back from the Eureka.
A really pleasent day in the end possibly spoilt by having an extra layer on. Bumped in to Dave at the Cafe followed up by Ray who was on his 3rd 100 of the week. That’s 35 hundreds this year with his record of 620 miles in one week, for the record he’s 71. Called in at Ness Gardens where things have changed a bit since I last called in.
Most obvious is that it is now all waitress service, which is fine if you’ve got a bit of time on your hands. I headed for the fridge thinking I was barging into a wedding reception ( as there are notices about them) and got a smile while paying for an orange juice. It looks great, whether it could cope with a big group is another matter.
Parkgate next for a water stop, passed by a CTC group who were stopping at the public toilets. These must be one of the worst public toilets around, they’d been far better off calling in at one of the pubs on the front.
Next stop was Vita in Irby where I loitered a bit too long as it meant cutting out a few miles from the ride.
As it was a shortened ride I headed out to Greasby and then Frankby via the lanes. All was going well until a slug of cars passed me in the lanes with a Gunform van nearly squeezing me out by overtaking me on a bend with traffic coming the other way. Good job he had cleared the junction by the time I’d got there because road rage works two ways. Boy it was close, probably only six inches of clearance, need a helmet camera.
Next stop was Vale Park for a Coke then along the front to Woodside and then home for what turned out to be 42 miles.
Thursday: Morning spinning class , painting and decorating and an evening spinning class.
Friday: Glorius day, 25 Deg C tempered by the fact that 2 spinning classes does take it out of you and a headwind is still a headwind no matter how good the weather. Rode out to the Eureka for lunch, spent too much time in good company yapping and taking in the sun and headed home. Had double booked spinning classes at the Oval and West Kirby so cancelled the Oval one online as the bikes are not as good as the old ones at West Kirby.
Only 7 turned up with 4 blokes in the class which is unusual as we are normally well outnumbered.  By the look of things they were all in the beer gardens.
Saturday: Took the grandkids out with Paul which ended up at the Ice Cream Farm. Fitted new chain to the Trek in preperation for the Bob Clift Memorial ride next Sunday.
Sunday: A final check of the bike before heading out had me taking out another link of the chain. Then I found out I’ve only been using 9 gears out of 10 because of the poor cable adjustment not shifting onto the 10th cog. Got to grips with the B+ adjustment too. There is a fine line that I’ve crossed by going for 28 on the rear and an ultra low of 26 on the front granny ring.
Took it out to the Eureka for a shakedown ride as I’m still getting ghost shifts while under load. The only thing I can put this down to is wear in the pivot of the rear mech.  Not too happy with the Nokon cables either, they look great but any movement of the outer alters the cable length and cause a ghost shift. Plus they creak like crazy and drive you nuts.
Painted the shower room door when I got back and booked into West Kirby for a spinning class as watching paint dry is a bit pointless.

It must have been the weather as the class was packed, I’m just getting to grips with online booking which got me a bike at the last minute. Most must have been expecting Barbara, who rang in with a sickie. Instead we had Kirsty, well you wouldn’t want to meet her in the day job but it was a bloody good spinning class, hard.
Tried  “Back to Start” on the Edge 800 on the way home. No direction or routing, just a blue line to follow on the map. Means staying on the map screen all the way home, which is a bit pointless as you wouldn’t be lost.

2 thoughts on “Weekending 05 June 2011”

  1. The Schwinn bikes at West Kirby are better maintained than the Ovals, but the heavy wheel makes the class somewhat easier, (as the wheel continues to freewheel for sometime even when you’ve stopped pedaling). IMHO.
    The Instructors at the Oval are a bit more ‘focused’ on their class & I find I get a better workout there.

  2. Anon, a lot of people at West Kirby are mistaken in having no resistance in on level one.
    I take your point about being more focused at the Oval, Tex putting a turn on the resistance is not to everyones liking, as I’ve seen it taken back out as soon as his back was turned.
    It’s not just the bikes at the Oval that need maintenance, the downstairs changing room is a disgrace.

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