Weekending 15 Jan 2012

Monday: Work Tuesday: Work, holidays booked at work. Had to take 2 days off for the Wild Wales in August. answered a few comments about the Edge 800. Wednesday:  Had planned to get out to the Eureka and join a CTC ride but had a change of plan. Dragged the Iceni out the shed for the first time in a long time. Pumped up the tyres, changed the Garmin mount for the 800 one and I was nearly ready to go. Had a query about the Cadence sensor  so tried to pair it with the Edge 800. It wasn’t having it so the battery got changed, still no joy. No magnet on the crank so that was on the shopping list. The Iceni felt good if a little heavy, it’s on 44cm bars which are a fair bit wider than the Trek and gives the ride a totally different feel. The other thing is the silence, no rattles or the wind noise that you seem to get with bladed spoke wheels. First time out for a long time with a HRM on, found the Edge 800 no problem unlike the cadence sensor. The cadence sensor menu’s are deep within the Edge 800.   http://app.strava.com/runs/3263553/embed/23106e1f678ef5506fd7685b2e98be98da133874

Thursday:  Spinning class at the Oval, Becky’s stand in had us doing some sort of pyramid  technique. It was quite hard but I didn’t expect to have a water bottle emptied over my head while filling my bottle at the cooler. My crime was saying it was “Okay but but would have been better with 8 sets of 8” .
2 Km on the Concept2 rowing machine and a few weights.

Put the cadence sensor magnet on the Iceni and gave it a test on the stand.
Should be able to give it a try on Friday.  Paid off the kitchen before the interest free credit runs out and cancelled the direct debit.

If your on Google + check out the Rubik Cube solving machine.


Sunday:  Set the cadence sensor up on the Iceni before venturing out into the cold. Temperatures were little above freezing with frost in the shade not thawing out allday.  I set  out to do the Wirral Coastal trail with a loop to Chester in it.
More a bit later.


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3 thoughts on “Weekending 15 Jan 2012”

  1. Hi Frank,
    I have finally got the Edge 800 and the 1/50 OS maps with Garmin. Every thing is good and I have done exactly as instructed by yourself to date.So thanks for that.Its propably something silly that I am doing but I recently created a test course on bike route toaster in TCX. I then transferred it to my 800 using Garmin connect as instructed by Bike Toaster. No errors were reported and seemed to go well. The course is not in the Garmin Courses folder. The nearest I get to it is a reference in recent finds. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanking you.

  2. Hi Nick ,I’m assuming you have Garmin Communicator installed. I’ll have another look as I haven’t used some of the sites for a while and I’m getting reports of some changes on some of them.

  3. Thanks for that Frank.
    Yes the communicator is installed. I have now “played” with “Ride with GPS” and that seems to work fine,but it is relatively fiddly cause you have to save it to desktop, or any file on your computer and then transfer to the 800’s “new files folder” much like the good old 705 and its GPX folder.

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