Weekending 30 Jan 2012

Sunday: 60 miler today, much like last week but a lot colder and with no tail wind. Nice trip out to the ICF to see the lad and grandkids. Called in at the Tap on the way home and read some sages Xmas scroll on the noticeboard, it was brilliant. Magicshines on the way home and I was done.
Switched to a set of Bioracer winter bibs, which where a lot better than Coolmax which I have been having difficulties with.

Next up is: Vita Cycles “10 minutes of Hell” which is a unique Time Trial through the Mersey Tunnel . Some big guns signed up and I’m down as the turn marshall at the Liverpool end. Contact Vita on the  Link if you can help.
Raffle prize up for grabs for willing marshalls.
Open to all.
If we can sort it, a fastest downhill speed , radar checked if possible. It all depends on the day.
We need bodies, the tasks aren’t onerous  but You need to stay at your post for the duration of the event.  It is a unique event and we hope it will go smoothly for it’s inauguration.

2 thoughts on “Weekending 30 Jan 2012”

  1. Hi Frank,

    I’ll be riding over the Runcorn bridge after a spin through Delamere, getting to the tunnel before 12 midday. Will I be ok to ride through seeing as 1. I’m on a bike 2. the tunnel is closed?

    1. Hi Dave, no chance, the event will be in full flow by then with rider practise before hand. It will be Policed by the Tunnel Police. Don’t know about after the event. Limited spectating should be possible at the Liverpool end but the crucial turn happens before the roundabout. It is going to be fast with the possibility of a speedtrap at the midpoint

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