April 2012

Trying to get back into the thick of things lately with a ride out to Chester when others thought better.
Started to go back to the spinning classes at the Oval and West Kirby. The Oval having a load of bikes out of action and West Kirby being incredibly full.

Merseyside CTC Spring TT proved to be a bit of a disaster with what must be my first DNF of an event. Spent an age planning the route too.

Paul at the start of Merseyside CTC Early Season TT

Turned up at the start after a wet drive in with the winter bike in the back of the car. Lots of familiar faces at the start with some thinking of bailing out at the last minute. Swipe card sign in means no waiting these days at CTC events.
Garmin Courses were in short supply with moi probably having the only one. Unfortunatly you can’t swap Courses between devices on the 800 that and I don’t think the file formats are the same as in the 705.

5.5 miles into the ride there is a load bang as the front tyre let go in a big way.
I coasted to a halt in a farm drive way and set about assesing the damage.
The tube had a split in it along with a hole in the tyre that needed patching.

The Sunlight sailed past with Gary shouting “Lend us your Garmin”, things then got steadily worse. I only had one tube and managed to nick that too, it’d been bouncing around the bottom of the tool container too so may have had some other nicks too. It didn’t hold air for long too and a trip into Winsford for a branch of Halfords proved fruitless.
Nothing for it but to abandon the ride and make it back to the start in 1/2 mile stops.
Called in at the Ice Cream Farm to see the grandkids on the way home so the day wasn’t a total disaster.

A post mortem of all my spare tubes wasn’t good, 18 month old repairs had lifted. All leaked, all binned along with the Conti UltraSport tyre.

Wednesday: Went with Andy to one of the wholesalers an picked ip a few bits. Found my lost passport in the great cleanup. Plenty of stuff to go including a few bikes. Now I’ve got my passport back a trip to the Tour could be on the cards.

Thursday: Spin class at the Oval, gave the shower a miss as you’d come out worse than you went in. Not impressed with the mould in the grout.

WordPress Ads are now on the site, finally secumbed  after all these years.

Spinning class at West Kirby, shower  and home.


More in a bit.

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