Weekending 12 Aug 2012

Been a while since i last posted and an awful lot has happened.

Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour the France was one of them.

This post is going to be in reverse order with the latest first and working back as far as I can.

Sunday: A first for me a commute to work. Been thinking about it for a while spurned on by the fact that the guys at work who have purchased bikes on the Cycle to work scheme are getting in more miles than moi.

It’s a 7-7 12 hour shift so a 15 mile ride before and after it, making it a long day.
A 5:35 AM start after perusing the Mersey Tunnel bylaws the previous evening had me wondering how long before I’ll be doing it in the dark. The mornings are now drawing in fast.

Made good time down to Birkenhead where the clubs and pubs must have finally chucked out their last clients. Half of which were on the floor as they presumably had trouble standing.  Heading into the tunnel at time of morning gives you a chance to look at the MerseyTravel SuperLambBanana decked out in TeamGB kit with a pair of sunglasses on it.

It’s near a 30mph ride Down into the tunnel so you should be at the same speed as any traffic, the hackney cab passing me at about 60 stands out like a sore thumb. After the midpoint things get a lot slower, this is when the Garmin 800  decides it has lost satelite  contact. Tunnel miles don’t show up on your ride.

Once out of the tunnel things change in about a mile. Up til now I’ve been a leisure cyclist, not too many worries, always stop for lights, pick the nice routes generally enjoy the ride. A trip down The Strand and past Liverpool One changed all that.

I’ve been doing this run for 13 years and it’s bad enough in a car when the lights go against you on a bike it’s 100 times worse. There’s the rub I know the light sequence by heart all compounded by the fact that most lights won’t pick up a bicycle. The turnoff for Otterspool prom at the Quarter was the worst. I can see why the commuters ride on the pavement, you get to jump the lights.

In no time at all I’m at the Jerrico Lane lights. Fairly straight run in from here with the only decision being to take the Garston Bypass.  If it wasn’t for the fact there was next to no traffic I would have taken the hit and ridden through potholed Garston.  On a weekday things might be a lot different.  In the dark Garston Bypass could be deadly.

Last phase of the ride is Speke Boulevard  where I take to the cyclepath (pavement) at Peoples Ford to see what it’s like. It’s not bad but not great, another one of those places where the road is smoother but would you want to risk it in rush hour. I ride 23mm wide tyres might be entirely different on 38mm tyres.  Arrived at work at 6:30 so journey time was 55 minutes and I was buzzing. Showered, changed and I was good to go.

The ride home took a slightly different route avoiding the Festival Gardens as I’d witnessed some of the worst driving in a while on the Saturday drive home. A Jeep not content with undertaking manoeuvres was overtaking on rises and going into roundabouts, those overtaken were after him and it looked as if it could end in a nasty incident.

The lads at work were all over the Sabbath Silk Road, picking it up to see how much it weighed, even had to get the Sidi Ergo 3,s out the locker to show them how the cleats worked.  HOW MUCH ???????

Opted to take the cyclepath down Speke Boulevard on the way home narrowly missing a runner by the bank and getting call a “Queer” by the PeoplesFord junction as I was using the pavement. Rode through Garston rather take the bypass and took a left at the cricket club to take to the front at Otterspool Prom.

Although I’ve been slagging it off for a while I  took 8th on the Otterspool prom Strava segment by 8 seconds while being baulked by a dog and it’s owner. Wasn’t looking to set good time but if it’s there go for it as everybody else is.

Talking of Strava more and more are coming out against it for various reasons.
My main gripe is short segments as part of short rides, loads out there posting segments  on 15 mile rides(1 hour).  Once your out there for a genuine ride (a couple of hours or allday) why on earth would you be worried about a time.

You’ve posted a time in the past unknowingly on a unknown segment that hasn’t yet been created and all of a sudden you have lost your new KOM status to a group ride. Group rides should NOT  be on Strava.

More retrospectivly latter, I haven’t got to the train yet. A few pictures to add more on the Tour De  Frank or lack of. Lot to catch up on.

3 thoughts on “Weekending 12 Aug 2012”

  1. It’s good to see you giving commuting a go. I commute in a quiet part of the world. Not sure how I’d cope with one like yours if I had to do it every day.

    Strava – We all like a bit of a challenge. We all like to get back our place at the top of the leaderboard. However, people using smart phones seem to have some very unusually fast times. I tried to record it on both my Garmin and phone the other day and the phone didn’t even show I’d ridden any segments as it was out of position.

  2. It’s soon going to be time to drag the Magicshine lights out and test the 3 hour battery run times.
    Have a theory about Garmin Strava times being +/- 4 seconds, which is what I think the Garmin logging rate is.

  3. know this is about bp but advice would be useful. how long were you on atenolol before switching, had you been cycling long and lost much wt. i am on 25mg and bp not too bad but it is holding me back. any side effects with ramapril>and any withdrawal symptoms from the atenolol. any advice would be appreciated and yes i know i need to discuss with my dr

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