Aug 2013

Had a few things to sort out  Post Tour the main one was finding a new storage location. Well here it is at Dandy Caravan Storage


After seeing the Reclamation Centre go up in Wolverhampton this was my main priority. I’ve since learnt another 2 have gone up in smoke. Very pleased with Dandy, place is spotless along with all the Truckstop facilities on site, including a weighbridge.


At trip to the Eureka had me meeting up with Sean and Barry, must have been nearly 2 months since I last set foot through the door. Had a great laugh, this Barry,s bike for his 12 hour attempt. Probably clearer on the seat stay than the top tube.

My next stop was a trip to the van to pick my Garmin up and sort out a niggling fault on the an control panel.

The vehicle battery voltage was in alarm at 5.5V when clearly it wasnt. Stripping the relay panel down behind the passenger seat revealed all the voltages were correct. Removing J9 header which is water level indication cured the fault so then it was on to the next job, the reversing camera.

This is proving to be a bit of a problem as the cable is well sealed and the camera needs to be removed with the upper cowling. A bit of a work in progress.

My trip back across to Burton Point had me calling in a the fisheries cafe.


A night a Wirral Country Park site had me take a ride out with Val to Hoylake where the Pirate Ship has resurfaced after getting burnt out at Seacombe.

After all running around trying to get a 27mm clip on fitting for my Butagaz Cube  (including a 58 km downhill cycle to Grenoble, aborted by a thunderstorm) I picked up the correct fitting and tail from Flintshire Caravans.

Another thing on the list is a new satnav. The current Nuvi is not up to the job and downright dangerous at times.

Booked in at a spinning class at Europa Pools, the first for a long time. Waiting outside not much had changed with Louise battering the class with 8 sets of 8. Actually finished the class and it proved not as bad as I was expecting.  Starting to get back into the swing of things again.

Next up is the Wild Wales at the end of the month.

Managed to get on the car pafk at the start in Bala which surprised me. There was a motor home similar to mine overnighting there. No pictures this time as the phone was playing up in the sunlight.

It was a cool start with mist rolling off the lake. 8 miles in I’m wondering what I’d let myself in for with a lot of miles to go. Stop on one of the turns with the Sunlight coming past en masse  and Gary saying “Whats happened to your alpine experience” ” It’s still on Alpe d’Huez” was the retort.

Truth to say it was a really long day glad to have finished, lots happened, saw lots of familiar faces.

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