From the start I decided that all the weights shown on the site were going to be verifiable weights from either The LifeStyle and Weight Manement Course or the GP,s Practice Nurse.
I’ve been happy with working in Kilos but most of the people I bump into seem to relate to Stones/Pounds better.
Unofficial weights (off the bathroom scales)will appear in brackets (99) and will probably be updated more frequently.

Update: 20 Aug 06  Current Weight (96) Kg
36 Kg lost altogether, 26Kg while on the Lifestyle and weight management plan 9kg of which is since I have finished the classroom classes. 1kg off the overweight BMI class

Update: 06 Sep 06 Current Weight 93.6 Kg  BMI 28.8
A critical weight for me. I have dropped out of the obese class at this weight which is a milestone as I was in the morbidly obese class, BMI> 40.  

There has been a clear link between the amount of exercise I have been doing and the weight loss in a given week. Not all of it can be put down to fluid loss through sweat as I use a graduated cycle bottle to measure what water I am drinking in the gym. The aim is to replace what I am loosing through sweat and stay hydrated.

Current Weight  is now posted in the Weight Loss Diary page.
Now the scales have been checked against the calibrated scales from the Lifestyle and Weight Management Course the readings will no longer have brackets around them. The scales were within 100 grammes of each other in 87 kilos which  is good enough for me.

I’m going to start posting weights in pounds as American readers can relate to it better. I’ve read blogs where the aim was to loose 100 pounds in a year. I’ve lost 99 pounds and can appreciate that 100 is an important psychological number for those across the Atlantic.

I didn’t set out with a target like that, I personally think it’s a tall order as you’ve effectivly given yourself two goals. One, the weightloss and two the timeframe. Two pounds a week is a some going week in week out, you’ve only got to have a bad week or two and one of your goals has failed. Be realistic with your goals and don’t condemn yourself to failure from the start.