Lidl Body Fat Scales

I bought these as the previous set of scales from EKC bought from Argos were proving to be a bit coarse. They were OK when most of the ones in the Argos catalogue ran out of scale right where I needed them to read. They also overread by 1 kilo, but to put it in context it was less than 1%.

Anyway the Lidl scales branded Balance give you as much information as your ever going to need. If you’ve an obssesive compulsive disorder (which I am sure most dieters have) these are the scales for you.

Weight, Fat% Water% and Muscle% plus Calorie balance all come up after you have put in your details and type of activity level.

I can’t really fault them for the price (£18) the display head is remote and they appear to be accurate. The readings for fat% doesn’t change much but the whole thing relies on you having a bit of discipline as to when you take your measurements. They vary during the day which for muscle mass is clearly a nonsense.

I will post again when I can show a trend but at the moment all the reading go in a little black book.

A word of warning the scales don’t work for people with the following conditions
Women going through the menopause.
People suffering a flu or fever
People with swelling in their legs
People with oesteoporis
Pregnant Women
Dialysis patients
Athletes and kids under 7
A fair number of these conditions are all related to middle aged women and your not going to know about it untill you get them home.
The above information should apply to ALL body fat scales as they will all be using the same method of measurement.

8 thoughts on “Lidl Body Fat Scales”

  1. Hi Frank

    I bought one of the Lidl body fat scales you mention above a while back. I never got around to setting it up but now that I have, I can’t find the instructions! There is a theory that they were on the box – which I no longer have. I have tried to figure the settings out without the instructions but it’s not all that clear. It seems to be looking for a number between one and twelve, which I’m not sure about. Also I’m not sure what you mean by calorie balance. Any tips welcome ! Thanks.

  2. Niall, I’ve had a comment about setting them up before, I’ll try and find it. You need to enter your details into one of the numbers. Age, sex, height and occupation. When you get on them and enter your number it will give you 3 percentage readouts, your weight and calorie intake. Mine is currently 2500 a day.
    It involves pressing the right arrow key after pressing the i button. One of them swaps the display between pounds and kilograms.

  3. hey their buddy
    im looking for the instructions as well any chance you could post it as this would be great

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