CTC Ride to Dragons Rest Cafe

It promises to be a lengthy post this one as there are a few pictures to post another point on the map to add and tales to tell.
Rode down to the Eureka Cafe for Frank,s Breakfast (Franks Breakfast is a menu item at the Eureka Cafe) after avoiding the Missing Link as I didn’t want crap all over the bike.

10 o’clock had Graham(leader) Margret, Andy, Janet, Bob, Jill, John, and Moi heading off to Woodbank and onwards towards the River Dee. John in the blue top below is not wearing his fluorescent yellow Lusso jacket as it is still in the wash following an incident on the return from the Wednesday section AGM. (one of the funniest things things I’ve seen for a long time)

 dragons rest ride 002.jpgdragons rest ride 005.jpgThe first climb of the day

Here I saw the Dee bore for the first time as we cycled along the path, it was about 2ft high and most impressive . Then it was over the Rail bridge at Shotton. We came out near Deeside Cycles which I had been in the previous day looking at Colnago,s , crossed the road and nearly ended up in a church service as a white van blocked the path.
We were soon climbing up towards Ewloe Green and then it was on towards Mold Tesco,s for ellevens, tea and a muffin in my case.
On the descent into Mold it was a swift blast down the dual carriage way only to be baulked by a red light at the college. Graham said he would have given me a race if the light was going to be green. Graham, if I’d known you wanted to give me a bit of a race I’d have zipped my jacket up!

Mold Tesco,s stood out on the ride as one of those places that has Farmers Weekly in a prominent position on the magazine shelves as opposed to the celebrity drivel we seem to get in my neck of the woods.

Out of Mold it was down the A541 towards Denbigh.Things rolled along untill we reached Afon Wen when it was turn right engage a low gear and climb up to Caerwys. The bike got parked up on the bench at the top of the climb as I thought it was an ideal spot for a photograph. I’m normally sprinting off the front of the climbs as the gearing is higher on the toy and I only have one speed in my legs, all or nothing. Mind you Janet always gives me a good run for my money and she is handicapped by a bike that weighs a ton compared to The Toy.

 dragons rest ride 009.jpgBob and Jill make it to Caerwys

 A couple of miles down the B5122 we had the Lunch stop at the Dragons Rest Cafe.Copy of Dragons Rest.jpgdragons rest ride 021.jpg

It was a chicken dinner for me washed down with a diet coke. Lunch over it was back on the bikes (which hadn’t been sold in the car boot sale around the back) and back down the road to Pant, Babell and onto Halkyn Mountain. It was hilly but the views are superb.We had another stop for afternoon tea at the Garden Centre next to the Horticulteral College.

It was all down hill from there and we ended up in Golftyn and it was back down the cycle routes to the railbridge at Hawarden through the Deeside Industrial Estate and down a muddy track to Shotwick Village. Once we got across the road it was up the lane to bring us out next to the Yact pub. Back to the Eureka for another cup of tea and a piece of flapjack.
Keith was putting a new  Jersey signed by the British Olympic cycling team up on the wall so its something to look out for if you ever visit. Then it was back home at a brisk pace, up Rest Hill again.

dragons rest ride 051.jpg
65 enjoyable hilly miles. Thanks everyone.


3 thoughts on “CTC Ride to Dragons Rest Cafe”

  1. Hi Frank – nice write-up of yesterdays trip. Just sent link for our leader to read. Not so sure about my ‘handicap’. Does that mean I’m a good rider, really?

  2. Thanks for the comment Janet. I\’d say you were a good rider,I was playing catch up the other week on Moel Famau until the bike broke. It\’s all new territory for me as 18 months ago the hardest thing I had done was the climb from The Wiend up to the roundabout at the top of Levers Causeway. I\’ve just weighed the Toy and it weighs 7.5 Kg with that stupid pump that I bought on it. Your bike is significantly heavier than mine or the contents of the bag are.
    The article may not be finished as so much happens on these rides that doesn\’t make it into print.

  3. I think you could be right Frank about the weight in my rack pack – I’m carrying too many marmalade sandwiches!

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