Weekending 15 Oct 2006

Monday: Crosstrainer 250 Cals, Spinning Class 639 cals full class for a Monday.Arm extension machine 30 KG 18 reps.
Tuesday: Started to log weights and reps to trend the sessions 
Peck fly            56KG    11
Lat pull            56KG    15
Chest press     42KG    15
Shoulder press 35Kg    16.5
Arm Curl          35Kg    14
Arm Ext           35Kg    11
Ab isolator        50Kg    30
Leg press         88KG    21 Knee prob
Rowing         124 Cals 10mins 2297 metres rowed 3 1minute intervals at 100%
Spinning       700 Cals  This is the highest figure I’ve seen for a class
Wednesday: Eureka cafe for breakfast, weather was foul. Cycled up to Heswall via Denhall lane 20 miles.
Thursday: 15 full pressups because I felt like it!!!
Couldn’t get into Stephs class so went to Barbara,s class at West Kirby. Before the class it was a session in the fitness suite.
Peck fly            56KG    8
Lat pull            56KG    17
Chest press     42KG    13
Shoulder press 35Kg    17
Arm Curl          35Kg    14
Arm Ext           35Kg    7
Ab isolator        50Kg   15   40kg  20. it is a different machine
Leg press         88KG   21
Seated row       90kg    20
Cross trainer 5 mins, the above burnt 246 calories then it was down to a totally different set up to the Oval. The bikes are different for a start with no clippless pedals and a more direct feel to them.
Anyway Barbara,s class was 681 calories burnt and I saw an new high on the HRM, 167 BPM. The class was full and I was the only bloke in there.
Friday: Rode out to the Eureka Cafe in the mist, with condensation forming on the alloy parts of the bike. On the way I met Stan on his Trek similar to mine, Stan was off to see a friend in Elton. It was nice to meet you Stan, we parted company at church lane and it was off to the cafe for breakfast. Todays ride was done with the Aldi HRM on just to give me some figures about how much effort I am putting in to the rides.
Breakfast over it was down the lanes through Puddington, Burton, down to the front on the Dee and up Denhall lane (heart rate 150bpm) Then it was up through Neston down to Parkgate for a water stop. Couldn’t see Wales due to the mist. The climb up to the top road didnt seem as tough as it used to be. Stopped at Dee Fine Arts in Heswall to look at some pictures. Then it was on through Irby, Thurstaton (41mph down the hill) Caldy village and stopped for water at West Kirby.
Stopped at the Bike Shop in Moreton and ended up going back later for a new Jacket.
It was then on to New Brighton to look at the swans and along the front to Seacombe.
The wind was a bit biteing and I toyed with going to see Ron and having a picture took as I was in the area. As it was I ended up having a cup of tea at Woodside and had a look at the papers from the comfort of a leather sofa.
Tea over it was back home with 49.5 miles on the clock. This was an easy ride these days, I had some fun, met some new people and burnt off 2246 calories during the day.
Saturday: Bit of a restday. Walk around the lake at Crosby
Sunday: 20 full pressups which came as a surprise, then tried some of the routines that Eddie showed me with 3kg dumb bells. I bought these from Tesco,s and had an internal smile on my face as I watched the poor girl on the till trying to shove 18 kg across the bar code scanner. Thinking about it, it must be near the weight limit for the glass.

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