Weekending 26 Nov 06

Monday: An hour in the gym after work, it’s in the book and I don’t think too many people are interested in weights and reps. It will probably end up in a spreadsheet to look at the trend.
Tuesday: Half hour in the gym followed by a wait at the desk to ensure I can get a place in Tina,s spinning class. Decent class logged on the Garmin, think the max was 173 BPM.
Wednesday: Ride to Dunham Arms, about 50 miles.
Thursday: Work, but plenty of walking, no gym.
Friday:Work again, no gym. Went to see Martin Taylor at Pacific Road.Truly memorable evening he played True from his Solo album for a reason I won’t go into at the moment. It was a stunning performance. I literally stopped my car when I first heard this piece on the radio.  It was on Jazz FM before that idiot Tony Blackburn moved in and started mucking around with the content, now called Smooth FM. Guess it must be a rest day.
Saturday: Work. Eddie showed me the hand weight routine again.This is so I don’t have to rush out to the gym straight from work. Not a bad set of exercises once you remember them all.
Tried them at home with a 4 Kg weight, not quite the same as playing with 1 Kg.
This routine is going is something I’m going to have to look at. Even with only 4 Kg on the handweights I was getting the burn after 10 reps on some of the exercises.
It would seem the gym routine I am currently doing is concentrating on the major muscle groups and I am missing out on some more subtle exercises that the machines in the gym don’t cover without a change of technique. 
Sunday: Work, looks like I’ve started something with the weightloss and BMI measurements. Four of the lads in work were having a weigh-in and trying to calculate BMI,s when I happened to walk in the workshop. If your looking for a BMI calculator you could try this one. http://nulife-weightloss.com/bmicalculatorcaloriechart.htm   I’ve looked at various articles on John,s site in the past and found they all offer sound advice. The site may be based half the world away from me but good information is good information no matter where it is from.
Back to today,s exercise, Eddies light weight routine at home. I’ve no excuses for not doing any exercise now so I don’t intend to give you any.

I really missed going out for a ride today, it was sunny and crisp, compounded by the fact i received an email from Ray about his Garmin 205 and his ride today.


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