Christmas Eve Ride(I've fallen off and broke my shoulder)

What a day this is turning out to be, it could have ended a hell of a lot worse if I wasn’t wearing a Bell cycle helmet. I’ll post a picture of it when I can get around to it. I’m a bit sore at the moment and using my left hand to type.

It started off OK with my usual trip down route 56 to the Eureka Cafe for probably the last Franks Breakfast of the year. I saw 4 riders coming back as I was heading out but joined a chap from the Chester Road Club at the sweeping bend outside Willaston on the road to Clatterbridge. I ended up passing him a few hundred yards later but he must have took the road by Leahurst as I ended up behind him again at the Hadlow road traffic lights. He had upped his pace so I was content to stay behind.

It was mulled wine and mince pies at the Eureka Cafe but it was Franks Breakfast for me. CTCers were a bit thin on the ground with Lusso jacket John the only one making it. Fresh from my climb up School Hill at Lower Heswall (gradient 17%) the other Wednesday (the Old Quay ride I haven’t written up) I decided to tackle the recent killer climb published in Cycling Weekly namely Pipers Lane up to the Cleaver Hospital. Its still there unclimbed by moi as things took a turn for the worse a few miles up the road.

Before that I’d set off from the Eureka Cafe following a passing cyclist that looked quite handy, he’d turned off to Puddington which was the route I was following. At the village green I spotted Pinarello Kev going the other way. A quick U turn had us riding back to the Eureka Cafe for another tea. It’s been a couple of months since we’ve seen each other and he had suffered a bereavement.

At the Eureka Cafe the talk got around to Colnago,s. Kevs got his heart set on a C50 with the plane (fighter) paint job. I told him about the broken Carbitubo and the Extreme C dream (88 kg weight limit). I also mentioned the Audaxes I intend to try next year and with a bit of luck Kev might be doing them too.

We parted company at Craxton Wood, Kev heading back so he could get off to work, me heading off to Puddington, Burton, the Dee at Denhall lane. Things were going good, I’d called down the sister inlaws at West Vale for a cup of tea. Once I rejoined the route two riders came  past and I tagged along with them, their route was behind the church on Church Lane  and onto Parkgate.

They stopped for a rest break at the square in Parkgate. I continued on. Past the Boathouse I turned off through Gayton. This wasn’t too bad untill I hit Wirrals finest gates. You’ll know them when you  see them.

50 Yards further on I’m in a bad way, I try to straighten up but it isn’t happening.There are double grids on this bend and the odd single grid for good measure. There is something on the road and I go down hard. Two people stop to see to me and I am gratefull.  About 200 Metres further on I call for help on the phone and am rescued. It’s a tough call but the right one.

Casualty at Arrowe Park see me as a cyclist, fit, healthy,that has had an accident. Its a big change from the begining of the year. Morbid obesity that sort of effect on your mental health. I stupidly ask about going to into work on Boxing Day only to be told that my insurance would be null and void for driving. It’s slowly starting to sink in, it’s not the end to the year that I wanted.

The end of my year was supposed to be the begining of Vals year, my wife of 26 years. Christmas Day was going to be about visiting family on the new Trek 1000 WSD I’ve bought her. Her support has been invaluable throughout the year. The old Raleigh (unused) she had has had to go once I saw her dissapear into a hedge on a ride we started out on. The bike was virtually unridable to me when I tried it out, it looked the part but proved that looks aren’t everything.

It’s not the end of the fantastic year that I had in mind but it’s something that I can’t control unlike my weight which I can.

I’m out of action for a couple of weeks by the sound of things, I still hope to do the Audax on the 28th of January and get my year of to a new start. It’s probably time to reflect a bit more, take in what I have achieved.

The climb out of Pipers lane remains unclimbed, I lost an Ebay auction for a Discovery Channel Jacket that hurt almost as much as the shoulder. One thing I have learnt is you have to be out there to do it. Don’t waste too much time on  sites like these, just do it. And with that I’ll wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a Happy New year.

I’ve had a look at the Garmin Training Centre upload and it’s logged the crash, by the look of the data I hit the deck at 16 mph. The next thing I’ll do is upload the data into Anquet.
I want to start playing with the routes in the new year. First things first fracture clinic on wednesday.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Ride(I've fallen off and broke my shoulder)”

  1. Terrible news that Frank, many commiserations that is hard lines especially at Christmas. Will it keep you off the bike for long? I have become an avid reader of you web pages and I read your rides with relish looking in at least twice a week, so I could get withdrawal symptoms. I am hoping to emulate you and your success in the New Year just as soon as the Christmas over indulgence is over.

    May I wish you as happy a Christmas as possible under the circumstances and a speedy and full recovery.

  2. Thanks for the comment Dave, I hope to do the Audax on the 28th Jan 2007 with Ray and a couple of others. The bone is chipped as far as I can tell, but I’m off to the fracture clinic on Wednesday. The Bell helmet has probably saved my life, the foam has split from the impact, and the plastic hard shell outer has has deep gouges and deformation where my head hit the road.
    I’ve a scrape to the chin,shoulder and knee damage.It had to happen one day I’ve just got to put it down to experience.
    Once you are off line on this corner there is nothing down for you.I’d rode it a few days before and the bend has been pointed out as dangerous by another group I have ridden with. Two people stopped to help me,for which I am grateful. My wife of 26 years took me to Arrowe Park to get myself sorted. We had planned to do a Xmas day ride up to the inlaws (Vals) to start her year off. 2006 was my year.

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