Aldi Specials 11 Jan 07 Heartrate Monitor

Aldi are having another day of sports and fitness equipment special offers next Thursday. There is a variety of stuff on offer and I have recomended the Crane Sports Heartrate Monitor in the past. If the one on offer has a calorie counter it will be a real bargain. It’s £12.99 and available in a variety of colours. Even basic branded models from other manufacturers are twice this price.
Also on offer are Welby Bio-Impeadance Analysis Scales (body fat)  for £14.99. I’ve written about the Lidl ones along with a couple of months worth of results. I still log all the results every day, so if I ever get asked how much I weigh you’d get that mornings result.

Don’t make the mistake I did of buying 1 dumbell thinking you can always get another one later. You need a pair of them to do some of the weight routines. I think they pack the singulary because a cardboard box can’t withstand 20 Kg which would be the combined weight of two dumbells.

The training shoes look better this time.The pair I bought last time had a plastic vent that caused blisters when I was starting the walks around the block 10 months ago.
The plastic was harder than the rest of the shoe upper  and soon made it’s prescense felt. These look a bit plainer but more suitable. I haven’t got around to spending £50-70 on trainers yet. Maybe if I ever took up running I would look into it but not yet.

The Aldi website isn’t listing them just yet as they still clearing todays offers.


Update: 12 Jan 07 . Good news, the heartrate monitor has a calorie counter and a host of other features on it. The display has a lot more  information on it and in calorie counter mode looks to display BMR, Basal Metabolic Rate. The calories you burn when at rest. One of the readings is a % of max heartrate , next to this is average heartrate. This is going to be a really usefull feature in something like a spinning class. It also has a max/min heartrate memory. It is packed with features that I now find usefull. Ok it doesn’t data log like the Garmin Edge but that cost me nearly 20 times what this unit cost. It looks good too and comes with a handlebar mount.  The instruction booklet is just that rather than a folded leaflet and is a lot easier to follow. At £12.99 there is no excuse for not having one.

If your just starting out, perhaps trying to impliment a new years resolution it will be a lot easier if you can measure your performance.

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