Weekending 06 Jul 08

Monday: First day of my four off had me booked into Barbara\’s spinning class.  Packed class with two first timers getting the shock of their lives about how hard these classes are.
More to the point how fit the regulars are. Only one bike on the back row meant one of them had to go on the front and first timers just hate being at the front.  I think they were convinced to come back by the woman that was in front of me. I mentioned about how many calories I burn in a class and the weightloss because I gave it a good go today.


If you have a look at the chart there is a section at the end where I\’m flat out at 182 BPM.
Gym next for some machine weights and that proverbial mile run. 1.6 Km but at the increased pace of 10 Km/hr up from last weeks 9.5 Km/hr.

http://connect.garmin.com/activity/272651 A steady pace means the heartrate also plateaus too. More weight machines then shower and stop off at Aldi for some fruit.
Felt good too. Had planned an evening ride or another class but no point going too hard.
As it was B+Q took about two hours out of the afternoon so that was most of the day gone.
Doing the BNECC club 10 tomorrow night missing the TLI Oulton Park race. My carbon Aero bars have got to go as I need to put the Bontager bars back on to fit Tri bars.

Going to be playing around with the look of the website with pages getting updated to reflect the site being 2 years old now.
Tuesday: Spinning class at West Kirby. Took it relativley easy in view of tonights 10 coming up. Swapped bars and took the bike down to Eureka Sports to sort out some Tri bars. Put some new bar tape on and that\’s about it. Can\’t be any worse than last weeks fiasco where I turned up at the wrong start.

Had a good ride taking 41 seconds out of my previous time only 7 seconds outside the magic 25 minute barrier. There was a pretty strong headwind  going up to the bridge. Time trialing is a numbers game, you need to be flat out for the 10 miles. Anything less means you are loosing time. 25 minutes is a benchmark for a 10, I\’m just outside it.

Brad took 2 minutes out of me on  the road which means he is going well. It\’s all relative, you can\’t loose sleep about being passed by younger better riders. Or older better riders. I was beaten by Keith Boardman again and he is 70 riding fixed.

Once on the Tri bars you don\’t want to come off them. The ones I have have no shifters at the end so changing gear is an event.

A full out Tri bike isn\’t going to be much use to me until I get a bit more performance into me. 10 miles at nigh on 24 mph is great. One thing about Tri bars, they require 100% concentration on the road ahead. Even looking down at the Edge 705 takes your eyes off the road and can unsteady you.That and a lorry passing within 3 feet of me at 60 mph.


Wednesday: Ride day. Stunning day when I set off then it clouded over and I was wondering if it was wise to go out without the windshell. Don\’t know if I\’m due a Lifestyle and Weight Management followup class as I\’ve lost track of dates and lost the contact details for the course.
60 mile ride to the Cabin Cafe via a scenic route. Chester and NorthWales CTC were out early and we bumped into Merseyside CTC at the Cabin Cafe. I had a few moments on the back playing around with the Tri bars.
Lifestyle and Weight Management followup class.
Mainly talked about various gyms and classes.
Thursday: Gym at West Kirby followed by a morning Spinning class. Bumped into Ron from the previous nights Lifestyle and weight management class.
Forgot the HRM strap so did it all on feel.
What has become apparent is two years on some of the links to the course are out of date as it is buried deep within the Wirral PCT.
More fun with VirginMedia Not, how often have you heard the cheque is in the post!
With that I lost all the Wireless Router settings.
Evening spinning class at West Kirby, didn\’t think much of Eurosports Tour de France team presentation after seeing the 2007  one in London last year.
Friday: Work.
Saturday: Work. Just got in time for the Tour de France.
Sunday: Work. Top Gear and Tour de France when I got in made it a reasonable end to a day you\’d want to forget. Did a search on google for various things and quite surprised at the site links. \”GarminConnect\” number 3 in a Google search. Other links on BikeRadar.

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  1. I am a reporter for bbc news online and am interested in speaking to you regarding your blog and weight loss can you contact me please?

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