Fake (Nike) Discovery Channel Clothing

Now that Discovery Channel are no more there is more and more fake clothing appearing on Ebay. To the casual buyer it appears as genuine but the quality is poor.
I have a pair of fake socks that are nothing like the originals.
Here is a link to one of them.


He only gets away with it because he doesn’t infringe the Nike trade mark by mentioning Nike in the description. They are very poor copies. The genuine stuff is made in Italy and has a screen printed rubberised Nike logo on the front (of shorts)that will wear away with continuous use. New it should come with all the tags.
Original kit wears and washes very well and has good graphics on it. Fake stuff looks the part but why would you want to pay a rogue for blag  gear when you can have the real McCoy for similar money.

I’ve just had a look at my genuine shirts and my 2007 shirt has a white Nike logo above the vertical Discovery writing (0n your right when wearing the jersey).

Another clue is none of the Discovery Channel stuff used “Cool max”. The pictures are misleadingly small to confuse.

I bought some of the Green 2007 Discovery Jerseys that were only for the swansong Tour. These are now as rare as rocking horse shit. I’ve already been asked for one. That and a George Hincapie team issue 2006 jersey that I got off Ebay.

2 thoughts on “Fake (Nike) Discovery Channel Clothing”

  1. Hi
    Find your site very useful and fun !, yep seen this chap but knew straight away copy goods, however i have just got some Oakley radar glasses off e bay, and guess what copy’s despite the chaps feedback. contacted him and without question offerd me a refund, so that said to me i was right. so the moral be careful out there

  2. M, I’m in the same boat. Would love a pair of Radars but can’t justify the cost. I’ve posted as much under the aldi offers page.

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