Weekending 27 Jul 08

Monday: Work. Home, blog.
Tuesday: Work. Home, blog. Caught the Tour on ITV 4.
Wednesday: Work. Lifestyle and Weight Management followup class. Couldn’t do the spinning class, watched the Tour.
Thursday: Off. Spinning at West Kirby, gym because I need it. A hot hard class had me up to 183 BPM at one stage, sweated buckets. Gym afterwards, weights, 175 calories on the Concept 2 rowing machine and 100 more on the side stepper was a Mars bars worth.
Booked tonights class too.
Turned up early to see a traffic warden patroling the car park.Had a good class but it was at a lesser pace than this morning.
For the first time that I can remember we had a front row  V the back row duel. Back row very vocal.
Entered Horseshoe Panorama Audax, 130 Km with a climb up Methodist Hill thrown in for good measure. Hopefully have the 26 tooth granny ring fitted by the event.
Friday: No spinning so might as well go for a ride. Going to make a day of it, a Steve Cummings Training ride by the look of things.
Steve Cummings Training ride it was, set out at 9 o’clock weather looking good, things went to plan until Oil Sites Road where it said there was no access to Elton or Ince so I diverted to the Cheshire Oaks roundabout and went out to Dunham Hill. Dunham Arms is no more and the site was looking a bit of a mess. Surprising the number of country pubs you see closed these days. Stopped to take a picture of Primrose Lane as it is the steepest part of the ride.
A bit further on while looking at the 705 Map I thought about a bit of a detour, ended up doing a bit of last weeks Northend ride.
First stop was the Station Cafe at Delamere, still a great cakestop. Been up for sale for a year. It was going to be turned into a restaurent for the new caravan site across the rails which incidently was full.
Next up is the run through Cotebrooke past the Millpool and by Oulton Park.
Free practice for whatever car event they are running this weekend.

73 and a bit miles
Spinning class at West Kirby.
Saturday: Plan to go out early as I want to see the Tour Time Trial. Rode out to the Eureka for breakfast, very quiet as everyone was out on a ride. Returned via Ness Gardens after putting in a loop down Denhall Lane.
Been playing around with the tri bars seeing what difference they make and it is at least 1 mph. The other is getting into a higher gear as when you go into the tuck the decreased wind resistance means you need to grab a higher gear as soon as you are in position.
Don’t know whether to go the whole hog and get a complete bike.
Still plenty of hours left after the Time Trial so went the cash  machine at Gayton, a motorist assuming I’m not going the garage nearly taking me out. After that it was a lap around the Wirral coast taking in West Kirby, Hoylake, Moreton, New Brighton and Seacombe waterfronts. Time trialed down the front at Seacombe with 25 mph coming up easily only to get baulked a couple of times. Thought it would have took longer , but glad I went out again, 28.31 miles. Home to record the the time trial again as the harddrive was full on the recorder.
Watched the Chris Boardman Hour on ITV4. Looking at the effort he was putting in I’ve left a few things too late in my lifetime.
One of the highlights of my turnaround is riding the velodrome. Riding the track is like doing the Obree dvd “The Flying Scotsman” for real. Once your on the front you get a really magical experience of riding the same track where World Records are set.
Taster sessions are cheap and include bike hire.
Sunday: Jack day. Museum and Liverpool 1. The Super Lamb bananas are everywhere with a map available for them with boxes to tick off, there’s a good ride in this somewhere.
Spinning at West Kirby, hot session and a virtually full class meant I was on the back row.
Checked out Vals bike as there are going to be some light evening rides starting tommorow. The Colnago Carbitubo getting an airing now I have a Mapei/Colnago top.

4 thoughts on “Weekending 27 Jul 08”

  1. Hi Frank

    What a great web site, which I have just stumbled upon. Congratulations on your weight loss. I have been losing weight since September last year, and lost 47lbs so far, initially just diet, and then since May cycling to work (5 miles there downhill, 5 miles back uphill) most days plus weekend cycling with friends (usually with hills as West Yorks is hillier than the Wirral). Interestingly, my diet is similar to yours – I used to skip breakfast and have 2 big meals a day plus snacks. Now, I eat weetabix for breakfast, a tin of soup for lunch, and a proper meal in the evening without too many carbs, but when I do usually pasta or rice. All low fat, plus lots of fruit and veg for snacking during the day. During the winter, I made lots of home made healthy soups – let me know if you want any recipes. I have been riding a cheap mountain bike, which is OK for weekend off-roading with friends, but for the communte to work it is on road and I enjoyed your comments about road bikes/slim wheels/triple gears – it confirms the way my thinking is going. I also started out with cycle gear from Aldi – I look forward to getting some winter clothes when they restock – good to read you think the winter stuff is good enough. The webpage I have put is a blog of our weekend cycling exploits – hope you enjoy it. Cheers, Dominic.

  2. Dominic, thanks for the comment. 47 lbs is good going, getting close to a bag of cement which is a frightener when you try to pick one up.
    The real benefit is the increased performance on hills.
    It sounds like your ready for training bike, something with mudguard eyes for the winter.
    The Aldi Winter cycle clothing really is a bargain and the quality is superb I only used one set of it last winter. Once the summer comes it has got to be the Discovery Channel kit as I’ve got loads of it now.

    For Dominics blog click on this name at the top of the comment.


  3. Hi Frank, great website, was a pleasure to join you on your ride today, back from Ice cream farm. Always thought about getting a Garmin edge, was good to see one put to good use.

  4. Thanks Mike the feeling was mutual. I’m puting a link up to GarminConnect of it. Pity we couldn’t use the new bridge across the A5117. It’s a really great ride, average was 16 mph as I had a few stops on the first leg and I tried another route rather than go down Dark Arc and up the switchback.

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