Weekending 08 Mar 09

Monday:  Last day off. Restday as I can’t get out. Picked up Cycling Plus at Tesco’s along with another 3w LED torch. The torch was the better buy as C+ fell short this issue for me.
Might set up the Tacx for tommorrow.
Tuesday: Work folowed by some flatpack office furniture assembly without instructions. Sorted out my entry for the Spring 50.
Eureka is CLOSED tommorrow.
Need a new cassette for the Iceni after Saturdays ride as the new chain on a worn cassette was nothing but trouble. Chain riding up the sprocket teeth as it was loaded up.
Had to turn the audible text alerts of for Twe2.com 184 unread.
I’m spending far too much time looking at bling kit  like this.  http://www.sub7bikes.co.uk/product.asp?pID=156&cID=41

An absolute bargain at £97 for a mere 18g, a similar price to a class A drug.  What must my saddlebag @ 1 kg be worth. Priceless actually as I’ve only abandonded one ride and that was when the chain split and ripped off the rear mech. Great days as the bike was only a couple of weeks old. I nearly cried. (hanger bent too)
The late Mel Vasey had me back on the road in two days.
Didn’t patronise me when I was big and asked whether wheels would take my weight.
Two years since he passed away, a while since I stopped crossing myself as I rode past the site. 
UK roadside shrines haven’t taken off in a big way as they have in some countries, but they are there.
Wednesday: Work, jumped on the Toy when I got in had a look through the ride and came up with the Mortirolo TT. Only 5.8 miles but it took me an hour and 2 minutes. A lot of it is around 11% with some 15% bits. The I-Magic doesn’t support much over 6% so it slows your roadspeed down. Down to 4mph in places which is about right as the other day I was going up Grange Road out of West Kirby (10%) and I was down to 5-6 mph. The Gavia is which is on the same DVD is twice a long and a bit much after 12 hours at work.
Used the Cycleops front wheel riser for the first time, works, offering 3 or more height options.
Looks like a base for a traffic cone.
Thursday: Work, comic on the way home. Looked at some Time Trial items on Ebay. Janices comment below proves what a small world we live in. Lance Armstrong now up to 276 thousand followers, unbeleivable the power of Twitter. Other than that it was Darwin night on TV so watched most of that, the Beeb doing what it does best at at times.
Friday: Work, last day.
Saturday: Read the comic from cover to cover, good stuff on diets and Steve Cummings training plan for the week. The price of Shimano stuff is going through the roof with the strong Yen. A new cassette from Wheelbase sorted out the Iceni chain jumping under load. Two rings worn the rest looked OK.
The Polo sidelight was even worse than the first one. Battery had to come out for this one along with the housing.
Called in at Quinns, not a lot of road race bike stuff in there since Mels demise. New houses around the back shows how long it is since I last called in. Looked at laptops as this one is full to bursting and can’t hold any of the Tacx DVD’s.
Sunday: Was going to go out for an early ride but picked up Lance Armstrongs book “It’s Not About The Bike” and didn’t put it down.
Minature trains again this week at Royden Park.
Barbara’s Spinning class at West Kirby wrapped up mixed week.

4 thoughts on “Weekending 08 Mar 09”

  1. Hi Frank love you blog

    I’m a spinning instructor in Liverpool been teaching for over 10yrs now

    I’m now teaching the Xbike aswell have you tried it yet its brilliant you’d love it

    It is harder than spinning but you get an all over workout because it works you waist and arms too

    I still love teaching spinning and find that the X bike is a brilliant new facet to my training schedule

    Give my love to Tina and Sheila I trained and taught with them, they’re brilliant instructors

    Take care keep it up


  2. Thanks for the comment Janice, I’ll need to contact the Oval to see what they are doing. Haven’t done one of Sheila’s classes for a while as work is getting in the way of a lot of things.
    Gather you’ve read my post on my first class.
    A woman on the bike next to me a while back mentioned the X bikes in Liverpool to me but I didn’t pick up on it.
    My Tacx session last night is similar with a video generating resistance but it can’t simulate the real thing.
    I’ll mention you to Sheila when I next do a class.

  3. Frank if you ever get over to the Manchester area on a wednesday evening bring your bike and kit and you are welcome at our computrainer race night. We have 8 computrainers linked up together so 8 riders can all race against each other, I don’t know if you have ever tried the computrainer system but I would welcome your feedback. We are a local cycling club with a link to a local primary school so we use their facilities on wednesdays for our club race night and in return we have sessions on fridays after school for the pupils.

    I have been following your blog for a couple of years now and after a recent heart attack I am actively [at last] taking part in the local “Lifestyle” sessions you advocate. A healthier diet and a more active way of life are begining to show thier benefits now as the weight comes off. I am just starting to get back on my bike again with the doctors approval after some months off and loving it, up to now it has been mainly walking and the lifestyle classes. Although I have been a cyclist for more years than I care to remember it has been very scarey getting back on the bike, currently I am just doing steady miles on the flat around Cheshire and looking forward to the spring, the longer days and the longer rides.

    Please keep up the good work and the words of inspiration in your blog and maybe one day, fitness permiting, I will join you on a ride.

  4. Thanks for the comment Dave, they are all well recieved. I looked at the Computrainer but was put off by the high price. There is online racing for the Tacx but I don’t know if I’m up for it.
    I’ve had a bad start to the year with work taking up the weekend rides and then a run of bad weather.

    My first rides were with the Sicknote club, guys who had had heart attacks and rode steady on the flat. No hills and the heartrate wasn’t to go over 120 bpm. Had some good days out with them.

    I’m sure our paths will cross at some point I don’t intend to drop any of the rides I’ve done in the past. Looking forward to some more great rides this year.

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