Weekending 17 Jan 2010

Monday:Work. More concerned that the boiler doesn’t pack in as the responce from British Gas is diabolical. Boilers packing up all over the place, mostly with frozen vent pipes.
Tuesday:Work, trip in was punctuated with avoiding a christmas tree in the middle of the dual carriage way at Garston.
Wednesday: another day in work, the forecast was snow so gave the chance of a ride a miss.
Rang up for a spinning class at The Oval only to be told the instructor had rang in. Finally fitted the trainer tyre to the Trek wheel to make up for it. Only a week late. Had an email off Janet about the CTC Spring 50 so must make sure I’m off for that one.
Thursday: This is finally my fresh start to this year. No empty calories last night, picked the comic up on the way to a Spinning class at West Kirby. 690 calories worth with a high of 186 BPM which was as high as I wanted to go without falling off the bike.
A chap that was doing a trial lesson lasted 5 minutes before calling it a day. A short weight session afterwards, shower and home. (The Crane Sports HRM is on it’s last legs today with the strap about to break, it’s lasted 2 years or so which is good for the price.)
Called in at the new  Eureka Cycle Sports shop on a trip to Chester. It’s opposite the Mollington Banastre in the business units. Keiths got a lot of very nice bikes in stock. I’d been on Ebay last night looking at of all thing Trek Decals.
It dawned on me that the Toy is getting on for 5 years old is generally in good condition but I’m going to have to do something if I want to keep it that way. Bearings on the rear wheel were tight as it hasn’t seen any use for a while.

Friday: See what’s up with my mums car. Pick up table and chairs from Chester. Phone rang when I walked through the door yesterday saying it was in. I’d just driven past the place so that ‘s another trip to the greyhound.
Woke up to sleet/rain so rang up to cancel looking at the car only to be told the boiler wasn,t working.
A couple of hours later after being 17th in the queue I find out the PCB is faulty only to compounded by the fact they can’t get someone out until the 26 Jan. Eventually got to pick up the table and chairs and on the way back picked up some new gloves that I had tried on yesterday.
Missed out on a spinning class but did look at the bike for a ride tommorow.
As I write this the snow is thawing fast but the wind is picking. No epic ride planned just a lap around the Wirral for a midday finish. Well that’s the plan.

Tacx have just released the 2010 Etape VR DVD which has got me thinking, can I do it again?

Saturday: A ride out to the Eureka into a strong headwind had me wondering I had lost all my form. Dipped down to 9.1 mph at one point and I didn’t want to see it drop into the 8’s. One of the Tri clubs was there and it was strange to see a whole row of bikes all with tri bar clip ons or even full blown Tri bikes with carbon wheels.
Breakfast as usual with Barry saying he has entered all his events for the year including the Marmotte then realising what it was going up.  If I’m fretting about not getting out on rides I’m in the same boat as everybody else.
Front tyre was soft on leaving so back into the cafe for the pump and another tube.
The pressure held up until Ness gardens where the front forks were rested on the bus stop seat. I took my time with this one as glass was embedded into the tyre and required a patch on the inside of the tyre.
A full inspection of the tyre revealed a myriad of cuts with thorns and glass working their way through.
A trip down to Parkgate and then up to the Chester High Road. Approaching Gayton roundabout the rear went soft so it was into the garage for the cash machine and some where to rest the bike against.

Quite a queue for the car wash which has been closed for about 2 weeks. Made it home on the tyre without a new tube but suspect it is the same as the front. Washed the Mini and went out for a drive to get something to patch the cuts.

Ordered the 2010 Etape DVD from Tacx after looking at a few blogs that have sprung up about it. The DVD features all of the route bar the first 50km. Tacx recon it should take you 6-8 hours to ride!!!!
Sunday: Work. Catch up on the blog, not much time for anything else.

4 thoughts on “Weekending 17 Jan 2010”

  1. Thanks Clive, that worked for the ground floor flats but we’ve no ladder for the first floor flats. Not that I or Val would want to be up a ladder in the snow with no insurance.
    Looks like it will be the gym instead of my mums car this morning as it is raining here.
    2nd day on the wagon.

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