Weekending 13 Mar 2011

Monday: Tex,s morning spinning class at the Oval. Mainly 30 second intervals today. Booked in for the 6 o’clock class too , the bikes could do with sorting as the seats are starting to split.
I’d foolishly bid on a Bontrager Sport seatpost on Ebay not realising it was aluminium and not carbon. Well it arrived today and boy is it heavy, 270 gramms. The carbon bars are going back on the Trek tonight.
Not been wearing a HRM for a while, just relying on feel.
Tuesday: Another of Tex,s spinning classes, today it climbing. Spent the best part of 40 minutes  with the resistance turned up with a fair amount of it out of the saddle.
Following Paris-Nice on Eurosport.
Missed out on another evening spinning class as things didn’t go to plan with a loft access hatch.
Wednesday: Work, first day back, looks like I’ve missed another good riding day. Need to update the blog about the 80 year old bloke asking me for a “backy” to Liverpool when I was stopped trying to get the Garmin GSC10  to sync with the 800.  Probably the strangest request I’ve had.
Thursday :Work.
Friday: Work.  But the 705 is back from Garmin. Turnaround was a week  with a refurbished unit being sent back. New case so it looks like a new unit.
I know I give Garmin a bit of a hard time but the support is first class if your in warranty, a bit costly if you are outside it.
Saturday: Work but last day. A strange place where management is trying to get 4 quarts out of a pint pot.  Never has the difference between a “job” and a “career” been so marked.
Barbara comes bouncing in having plotted her first “Course” with RidebyGPS.com.  Uses Garmin Communicator so loads straight into your Edge, pity Garmin don’t tell you install the thing before you get the thing out of the box.
Sunday: RIDE DAY.
50 mile ride with the CTC to Hawarden Farm Shop. More interest in the Edge 800 from the women on the ride. What has become apparent is the need for another Dummies Guide so one will be up and running in the next few days. It was a fairly big group with a vast range of abilities but things do appear to have slowed down a bit. Picked up a slow puncture too. All in all a good day.
Rode back from the Eureka with Dave and Mark, thanks for the wheel.

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