Weekending 20 Mar 2011

Monday: Tex,s spinning class at the Oval. Not as bad as last Tuesdays class which was 45 minutes of climbing which wrecked my knees for the week. Today was 4 minute intervals with 90 seconds of rest.
Weights after that, one of the girls said she nearly fainted in the class as it was that tough.
Trip to Vita to get a new Conti GP4000 which is heavier than the Attack that is coming off after yesterdays slow puncture. Carbon bars are now back on the bike but having a bit of trouble with the Nokon cable lengths. A lightweight inner tube went bang on me too.
Faffed around when i should have been getting stuck into the house but the Dummies Guide to the Edge 800 is now live but is going to need a lot of honing.
Contributions welcome.
Things are slowly getting better, the fitness is begining to return.
The links I get continue to amaze me such is the power of a Google search.
Need to sort out some of the links on early posts as the Steve Cummings Training Ride no longer exists as I posted it to MotionBased, now defunct.

Tuesday: Spinning at the Oval by the looks of things.
Spinning it was with the card breaking in two trying to get out of the back pocket. Turned out to be a very 70’s retro class music wise, first off was Gloria Gaynor “I will survive” then “Boogie Nights” followed by Tiger Feet.
Card got replaced and booked another class for tonight.

Lidl have got their Cycling offers  on at the moment.
It’s OK if you looking for the basics . The £5 toolkit has a pair of tyre levers in it that won’t get a tyre off the rim.
Wednesday: Last day off, ride day.
Spent most of the morning getting the No1 bike in order  with the carbon bars fitted with re- extended Nokon cables along with new inners and new bar tape. I’ve been spoilt by trying the new Groupsets with a flat bar transistion, be it 105, Ultegra or Dura-Ace they all felt the same.
That said it’s all about the ride, felt good in  the big ring when I could see the cadence figures.
First time since November under 100 KG  and can’t  remenber things being this bad for a long, long time.

30 odd miles , 2 bike shops, there is only one Cafe stop and Rest Hill to boot.

Nothing stupid planned yet!
Thursday: Work.
Friday: Work. Picked up Cycling Plus on the way home  with the Neil Pryde bike on the front of it. A GPS review had the Edge 800 coming out top but overall the review again lacked a bit of substance.  The refurbed 705 is back too, turned around in a week so can’t complain about the service.
Saturday: Work.  A couple of things to sort out on Edge 800 routing for the guide. May look at sticking a half hour ride in after work when the clocks go forward. Magicshine bits came in the post from HongKong, cheap as chips.
Sunday: Booked a days holiday. Still the same weight  which is good.
Went to Chester and saw the spring high tide on the River Dee, it submerged the jetty for the rowing club.

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