Weekending 27 Mar 2011

Monday: Tex,s morning spinning class at the Oval. Highlight of which was 2 newcomers walking out.
I’ve taken a look at the weight figures for the last 2 years and will start putting them in a spreadsheet. The second spinning class does seem to be doing the trick as the extra 600 calories will lose you a sustainable 1 pound a week.
Gym was full with nobody moving around the machines so I left.
Went up to see my mum and then called in at Vita on the way home.

Just as well I booked the second class in the morning as it was full and due to the bikes starting to fail it meant 3 people didn’t get a class.
The Aldi Hrm was playing up in the morning class, so it was time to press the new Edge 800 into action. Once I had figured out how to set the thing up everything went fine. Set up a new Workout in the Training section with the screen showing Heartrate, Calories and the time.

540 calories with a maximum heartrate of 183 bpm. Sweated buckets to.
The pair who walked the morning would probably have walked out of this one too.  So I’ll say it again ” If you can’t do 30 minutes on a stationary cycle in the gym on one of the programs you find a spinning class too hard.”
My average was 152 BPM, this level would have all the machines in the gym telling me to slow down given my age and weight.
Tuesday: Booked a spinning class which is now full. Should be OK in the morning, got the bike to fettle as Wednesday is RIDE DAY.
Morning class went OK with it logged on the 800. Less intense than yesterday.Some more weights in the gym.
Trying a Fizik saddle out so popped up to Vita for the test saddle. Quite a big difference in weight. The plan is to try it out on Wednesday,s ride.
The clip in saddlebag which at first seems a good idea flops around too much when on the bike so resorting to the tools in a bottle.
Becky,s evening spinning class at the Oval was another 490 calories worth which was fine but uploading it to GarminConnect or TrainingCentre didn’t happen with it showing a failure. Better to have it now rather than on a big ride.


Wednesday: Up early to sort the bike out. Keo,s have gone back on the bike, new cleats on the shoes which look like they want replacing. I should be a good day.
62 miles 2 incidents with motorists, 2 cafe stops.
It’s been a bit of a turning point recently but the tide has turned. There has been no instant fix  but things are looking up. Limit what I eat and drink and just get out there and do something, whether it is a ride or a spinning class or two. Those weights in the gym count too, as I’ve lost ground there too. I’m not talking massive weights, just enough to let the muscles know what’s what.

The cheap scales I use seem to retain data for a few days to average things out as I’ve been 99.8 Kg for a week which is good. This morning it was 99.2 Kg but seeing what I’ve been through before this time it is a lot harder.

For a start I know what it takes and there is no shortcut. More later.
Thursday: 98.2 Kg Suns out so off for a ride, a lot happened yesterday that didn’t make it into the write up so it’s best if I rewrite it.
22 miles of what turned out to be a recovery ride.
Sent the errror message from TrainingCenter to Garmin.
Updating the Tacx took the best part of 8 hours with an evening spinning class missed.
Friday: Work. soldered up a battery pack for the Magicshine with a cut off Y lead so it can power 2 lightsor a light and whatever.
Also had a reply from Garmin saying delete the faulty history file in the 800. It uploads to GarminConnect OK but not to TrainingCenter.

2 thoughts on “Weekending 27 Mar 2011”

  1. Hi Frank

    Found course creator….fab

    Quick question though?

    If the Garmin 705 only see’s 500 track points, what happens if the route i plan on course creator says its 556. Can i delete some? if so how?

    Thanx Rob

    1. Hi Rob, try one of the OSM free maps. I’m using the UK+Contours. I’ve just installed it in MapSource so you can plan a route in it without having to buy a map.
      705 can have 17,500 trackpoints so it isn’t going to be an issue. Only 100 CoursePoints though, which can be an issue if you use BRT warning points.
      All the web based planning is done online using Google maps.

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