Weekending 26 Jun 2011

Saturday:  Called in at Vita who put this rather nice set of wheels on. Got to admit they do look nice. Phil got knocked off his bike last week by the Thatch but luckily the Reynolds carbon wheel held up despite him loosing two teeth.

The shop ride had just got back in and I’ve got to admit they do look quite good in the shop jerseys.

Sunday: Trip to Llandudno with the grandkids. Lashed out on a bucket and spade along with a fishing net. He’s not going to catch anything with that I said. Well the proof is in the pudding, the grandsons first catch, a tiny fish and a shrimp.

Headed back to Chester to pick up a Park cable cutter from the Bike Factory. A heady £37 but what a revelation. Been 51 years on the planet and am only just getting some things. The right tool for the right job is one of them, I’ve been cutting cables with hacksaws even an angle grinder but this is so simple it’s a must.
The reason a shifter upgrade to 6700 Ultegra. I’ve not been too impressed by some of the  installations, cable guides causing them to rub the frame on the larger headsets. Standard cables too long  for the bike on display.  I’d want this level of detail on any bike even a £500 one never mind what I’m willing to pay.

The things you need to know when changing Shimano Ultegra  groupsets.
A front double mech and lever 6600 is not compatible with a 6700 mech and lever, as there is an extra 1 mm distance between the 2 chainrings.  Shimano 6703 seems OK  on 6603 front chainrings. 10 speed rear seems fine.

Vita Due Sportive link added.

Monday: New levers fitted and bar s taped up. Went out for a ride and it looked really clean.
Probably going to do Liverpool-Chester-Liverpool next Sunday.
Tuesday: Kitchen to sort out, did the rounds of those still in business. B+Q carrying too much stock of stuff nobody wants, might want to see me Saturday, Magnet couldn’t get off their arses so no sale there.
Called in at Wickes who are selling off the display including the appliances.
Picked up £1600 worth of oven and hob for £350. Pure chance, grab it when you can. Looks like my Tour is going to be in Eurosport HD at this rate.

Vita Due Sportive consider giving it a go as it is in aid of a good cause, Claire House. Also had some rather good goodies up for grabs including a signed Steve Cummings jersey, two bikes , helmets  and so on.

One thought on “Weekending 26 Jun 2011”

  1. Hi Frank
    Also worth mentioning that 6700 and 7900 brake levers and callipers are not mix ‘n match with earlier versions (6500/6600/7700/7800).

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