Clearing the wardrobe Part 2

Things have taken another turn since the first post two weeks ago. I’ve had to make another trip to Tesco,s to buy some more trousers. 42 inch trousers were just a stop gap, I now fit into 40 inch trousers so came out with 4 pairs that were reduced to make way for the winter ranges. Shirtsize is now a L instead of a XXL on the subject of collarsize I was buying 18.5 inch collars thats now down to about 16.5 inches.
I’ll do another post about current BMI but its dropped around 10, it’s around the 30 mark now so the aim is to drop out of the obese catagory and into the overweight.

Disaster, a pair of the trousers were dry clean only. I threw them in on a quick wash and they came out a good 4 inches shorter. good job I hadn’t paid the £30 that was on the label. You live and learn.

Eating whilst on a ride.

A post to stop you falling into the trap I fell into.

Before I went on the weight management course I was stuck at around 122 Kg. I’d be doing a 30 mile circular route about once a week that took in the promenade at Seacombe and New Brighton, Hoylake WestKirby and home. As part of this ride I’d regulary stop off at the kiosk at the pitch an putt in NewBrighton.
Here I’d buy a Mars bar and a Corneto (mint flavour) icecream, I thought I deserved it I’d just cycled 8 miles I must have burned that off just getting there.

This stop sometimes washed down with a Fanta was undoing the work of the next 20 odd miles I was going to put in, including Montgomery hill outside WestKirby. How many calories in a Corneto anyone?

That was then, now it’s a piece of fruit if I bother to stop and I’ll only ever have water in the bottle. I’ll have an energy bar in the back pocket for emergencies. One other thing, a Mars Bar after 10 miles in your back pocket looks like the last thing on earth you’d want to eat.

The first follow up class

To say I was apprehensive about this one is an understatement I’ve been populating the site with posts for the last month with no feedback and then I get two comments from Ron. Thanks Ron.

Like on the classes I attended we were introduced to the class that replaced our class, that moment has stuck in my mind and is one of the reasons  why this site was formed.
I want to put something back into the program that has benefitted me so much.

If you were in that class, I was in exactly the same situation 3 months ago. In a few weeks time you are going to be fully equiped to follow this plan on your own.
I’ll restate what I said this evening “Do your daily exercise plan, and if you’ve been given a Leisure Pass make sure you use it, the gains can be tremendous”.

Anyway six of us turned up, four from the class I attended and two others, I thought there might have been a few more but there could be a thousand reasons for not turning up, one being it’s holiday season.

The weigh in revealed a weight loss of 4 kg  in five weeks with my weight now at 101Kg, a total of 31Kg lost to date.

The rest of the time was spent explaining a bit about this site, how to access it  and a Q&A session on aspects of taking up cycling again and routes.
It looks like the map and routes section is going to need a fair bit of work to get it up and running 100% and I also need to address the problem of those without internet access or any computer knowledge.

I’ve been very encouraged by the feedback, if there is anything anyone wants to discuss, post a comment.

Clearing the wardrobe.

It is now four months since I started the course and I’ve had to have a wardrobe clearout. I’ve lost around 4 inches off my waist and the pants just dont fit any more.
Some of them were unworn with the tags on them to boot.
The way things are going the rest of the wardrobe will soon be in a charity shop as well, I’ve dropped at least a shirt size so the shirts too  are going to need replacing.

One of the great benefits of going through all this is  your not struggling to get anything to fit you anymore. I’m of the impression that the buyers for the shops only ever order a token amount of the largest sizes and if they sell out fast they are never going to reorder them as they have a shelf full of midrange sizes to shift. 

Breakfast at the Eureka Cafe.

Just to show that I havent I havent been on a starvation diet for the last 4 months Ive decided to do a post about the Eureka Cafe Breakfast.

If I’m doing a ride that starts or finishes at the Cafe I will ALWAYS have this breakfast. It consists of Egg, bacon, tomato, beans and two toast. It is all dry grilled or poached and the only change I ask for is that the toast is dry. It is quite disconcerting to be the only one of about thirty cyclists eating a breakfast but it fuels me for the days riding and I am still loosing weight.

British Heart Foundation portion sizes for Eureka Cafe Breakfast

Meal    Foodgroup  Fruit/veg   Bread/cereal  Meat,fish    Fats
Egg                                                                     1/2                                         
Bacon 2rashers                                                                     1      
Tomato                        1
Beans 5 tbs                                                           1
Toast 2(dry)                                         2

I’ve spoken to Keith and Ann at the cafe about the portion of beans they serve and they measured it out to 5 tablespoons for me.They also replaced buttered toast for dry toast without propting. In fact yesterday it got called the slimmers breakfast!.


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