The Sixth Follow up Class

There,s another followup class for me this Wednesday which will make it 9 months since I started the classes.  It’s been a remarkable year, not just from the weight loss perspective. You wouldn’t believe the difference that doing this course has made to my life. The results have not stopped coming even though the classes finnished 6 months ago. My focus is now on increasing my fitness level.

There are regrets, I regret not seeing the other members of the class I attended to see how they are getting on. When I jump on the scales and see Ron fishing through his records to update my figures I’m consious of the fact that mine are literally the only ones that go across the page. Out of around 25 that started the course there are only 2 of us who regularly attend the followups. 

The site is proving more succesful than I ever thought it could possibly be with 974 visitors from more than 10 countries visiting last month. Most looking at the homepage but lots looking at the weightloss diary, cycle satnav, clothing and spinning. I’ll do a post on some of the statistics that I see on Google Analytics, I think they are remarkable. 

I’ve had another batch of business cards with the address of the site on them printed for the waiting room of St Caths. The last ones all went, hopefully to people who will get some benefit from them. Still no links from the Lifestyle and weight management course, but who needs them when you get on the first page of a Google search just under Weight Watchers and Mens Health. Both big players, I’m just a bloke thats lost weight and likes to cycle.

To be continued.
It was the current  classes last classroom session tonight. Hopefully we’ll get to see some of them at the end of January. 
Not a bad turn out this month, eight of us turning up.  A fair bit of the hour was taken up with talk about coping with Christmas, Helston Blumenthals cookery program and the Marigold Fisheries chippy. This is the best fish and chip shop on the Wirral. I drive 11 miles to go to this chippy it’s that good. It’s also a good reason to go to a spinning class at West Kirby Concourse. Mustn’t forget the mince pies too, I had one today on the ride and had a good time burning it off on the ride.
Next thing you know the hour is up, the cards get replenished in the waiting room and Andy and I are still talking in the car park.
As you can gather most of us know what is working for us at this stage, if we have a problem it is just a case of fine tuning things.
You are going to have problems if you are just relying on dieting alone. The  negative energy balance that that you need to loose weight is based on you doing about 500 calories of exercise a day, this gives you a pound of weightloss a week.

I jumped on the Lidl scales when I got home and the readings were within 100 grams of each other. There is going to come a time when the readings you see on this site will be purely be off these scales so they need to be accurate.


Lidl Body Fat Scale Results (November)

Just thought I would post the results of last months scale readings.

Date         Weight   %Body fat  %Water    %Muscle
01Nov06     88.1        29.1          48.8         30.4
02Nov06     87.7        29.0          49.0         30.5
03Nov06     87.6        29.0          49.0         30.5
04Nov06     87.0        28.6          49.3         30.7
05Nov06     87.6        28.8          49.1         30.6
06Nov06     87.0        28.6          49.4         30.8
07Nov06     87.0        28.5          49.4         30.8
08Nov06     87.3 Fifth followup Class
09Nov06     86.1        28.2          49.7         31.0
10Nov06     86.7        28.5          49.5         30.8
11Nov06     87.1        28.5          49.5         30.8
12Nov06     87.6        28.7          49.2         30.7
13Nov06     88.2        28.8          49.1         30.6
14Nov06     88.9        29.3          48.7         30.4
15Nov06     88.2        29.0          48.9         30.5
16Nov06     88.2        28.8          49.1         30.6
17Nov06     88.9        29.5          48.7         30.4
18Nov06     88.7        28.7          49.0         30.5
19Nov06     86.8        28.1          49.3         30.7
20Nov06     86.8        28.4          49.5         30.8
21Nov06     86.8        28.4          49.5         30.8
22Nov06     86.8        28.4          49.1         30.8
23Nov06     87.2        28.5          49.4         30.8
24Nov06     87.2        28.7          49.3         30.7
25Nov06     86.7        28.3          49.6         30.9
26Nov06     86.7        28.4          49.5         30.8
27Nov06     87.2        28.7          49.3         30.7
28Nov06     87.2        28.4          49.5         30.8
29Nov06     87.2        28.7          49.3         30.7
30Nov06     86.8        28.5          49.5         30.8

The readings are fairly stable this month, I haven’t been looking to loose any more weight just maintaining it. I’ve revised a few personal targets, one is by setting a new maximum weight. A weight that if I see on the scales I will do something about.
I’ll do a post about it, the weight and why I chose it.


The fifth followup class

There is another followup class on Wednesday which will be my fifth one.
My current weight is around 87 Kg so I’m still loosing weight but to a slightly lesser extent. I’m at the stage where I feel well sorted, the diets going well, the cycling is going from strength to strength, this site is going from strength to strength.
Not had any comments from those that had one of the cards but I’m not bothered in the slightest, it takes a lot of nerve to post on a site like this.

To be updated after the class.
Seven attended tonights class which wasn’t a bad turnout the main topics of conversation being the difficulty in doing the exercise. Another one was the calories in oils and fats. One of the facts that is etched in my mind from class 7 or 8 was that there are 9000 calories in a litre of ANY oil.This would explain the fact that you can drive a diesel car for about 10 miles on the stuff.I kept quiet for the most part  but did wonder if they had any idea of the level of exercise they should be doing or what they can do if they put their mind to it.

I’ll post a bit more about this but for the record the weight was 87.3 Kg.  This is a total weight loss of 7 stone and I now fit into a 36 inch waist pair of trousers so thats two milestones in one day. BMI is now 26.9

Lidl Body Fat Scale Results

I’ve been logging the results for a few weeks now and they do seem fairly consistent once you can get your measurement times regular. (first thing in the morning here)

Date         Weight   %Body fat  %Water    %Muscle
27Sep06     91.7        30.4          47.7         29.7
28Sep06     91.3        30.0          48.0         29.9  
29Sep06     91.3        30.0          48.0         29.9
30Sep06     91.8        30.3          47.7         29.7
01Oct06     91.8
02Oct06     91.1        30.2          47.7         29.7
03Oct06     90.5        29.9          48.1         30.0
05Oct06     90.5        29.9          48.2         30.1
06Oct06     90.5        29.9          48.2         30.1
08Oct06     90.5        29.8          48.2         30.1
09Oct06     90.0       
10Oct06     88.8        29.4          48.6         30.3 
11Oct06     88.4        29.0          48.9         30.5
12Oct06     88.9        29.3          48.7         30.4
13Oct06     89.3        29.4          48.2         30.2
14Oct06     90.6        29.8          48.2         30.0
15Oct06     90.6        29.8          48.2         30.1
16Oct06     90.8        30.0          47.9         29.9
17Oct06     89.9        29.7          48.3         30.1
18Oct06     89.9        29.7          48.2         30.1
19Oct06     88.5        29.2          48.7         30.4
20Oct06     88.5        29.2          48.8         30.6
21Oct06     87.8        28.7          49.2         30.7
22Oct06     88.9        29.3          49.2         30.4
23Oct06     88.9        29.4          48.6         30.3
24Oct06     88.9        29.4          48.6         30.3
25Oct06     88.6        29.2          48.7         30.4
26Oct06     88.6        29.2          48.8         30.4
28Oct06     88.6        29.1          48.8         30.4
29Oct06     88.6        29.1          48.8         30.4
30Oct06     88.6        29.0          48.9         30.5
31Oct06     88.6        29.1          48.8         30.4
The readings are repeatable, meaning if I repeat the analysis they are the same as the previous reading. The energy balance has been 2400 cals/day for all readings. The next thing to do is to cross reference them with the exercise that I log.
I’ve now got a month of data that I will publish here. I’ve grown to trust the readings now that the results show that they are not erratic.


Wardrobe Clearout

Had to finally get shut of my old oversize clothing. Three binbags full of the stuff went to the charity shop. Some of it still had the Marks and Sparks price labels still on them.
I’ve kept one pair of trousers and a shirt to remind me of the size I was.
Its the intention that the weight stays off for good. Stuff thats only a few months old had to go too, apart from three items the wardrobe was absolutley bare.

The 4th Followup Class

Next Wednesday is another big day for me.
First off its Jack the grandson,s first birthday so happy birthday Jack.
Secondly its my fourth followup class which means I’ve been 7 months on the course.
I’m on target for a figure of about 90Kg which is a total loss of 42 Kg. To put it into context a bag of cement or plaster is less than 25 Kg, just try lifting one at B&Q.

Thirdly I’ve had some Business Cards printed with the site address on them, the intention is to give them out to the class before mine as they leave. I’ve an ongoing problem with the site being seen as being endorsed by the NHS if they give a link out.

All I’m trying to do is help others that are in the same situation I was 7 months ago.

The site had 446 visitors with 1071 page views last month and 30% are repeat visitors. I’ve had 1 comment from a class member (Andy) and thats because I wrote the site address down on his course notes. Thanks Andy.

I can’t express to people how big the change had been as every aspect of your life is altered when you do something like the Lifestyle and Weight management course.

Update: There was a really good turn out from Andys class including Andy. We got introduced to Rons class that has been running for 4 weeks. I had the opportunity to give the cards out so If if you,ve got one and have got this far please leave a comment. I only post first names on the site so thats all you have to put in the box. 

If any of you have any questions fire them at me, the weight diary is the same one that you have done each week. I was in the same situation as yourselves 6 months ago, the diet works  the hard part is doing the exercise that you,ve (30 mins a day,remember)signed up for. 

For the record my weight was 89.2 Kg which is 14.05 stone or 196.7 pounds.
More than one person has said to me that I’m wasting away, nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve gone down from a 46inch plus trouser size to 38 inches and it could soon be 36 inches, shirt size was 18 1/2 and is now 16. General clothing size was XXL is now L or in some cases M. I’ve had a couple of wardrobe changes as the 42 inch waist trousers no longer fit.
None of  the clothes have been over £10 and the dearest shirt is a £6 Tesco,s one.

Lidl Body Fat Scales

I bought these as the previous set of scales from EKC bought from Argos were proving to be a bit coarse. They were OK when most of the ones in the Argos catalogue ran out of scale right where I needed them to read. They also overread by 1 kilo, but to put it in context it was less than 1%.

Anyway the Lidl scales branded Balance give you as much information as your ever going to need. If you’ve an obssesive compulsive disorder (which I am sure most dieters have) these are the scales for you.

Weight, Fat% Water% and Muscle% plus Calorie balance all come up after you have put in your details and type of activity level.

I can’t really fault them for the price (£18) the display head is remote and they appear to be accurate. The readings for fat% doesn’t change much but the whole thing relies on you having a bit of discipline as to when you take your measurements. They vary during the day which for muscle mass is clearly a nonsense.

I will post again when I can show a trend but at the moment all the reading go in a little black book.

A word of warning the scales don’t work for people with the following conditions
Women going through the menopause.
People suffering a flu or fever
People with swelling in their legs
People with oesteoporis
Pregnant Women
Dialysis patients
Athletes and kids under 7
A fair number of these conditions are all related to middle aged women and your not going to know about it untill you get them home.
The above information should apply to ALL body fat scales as they will all be using the same method of measurement.

The 3rd Follow up Class

I’ve got a follow up class coming up on Wednesday and this will be the end of classroom sessions for the group that started after I finished mine.
The good news is you’ll still be loosing weight after the classes have ended, maybe not at the same rate as you first were as you’ll start to play around with the diet but it’ll still be coming off.
The bad news is this is probably the last time you’ll see the other members of the group if they’ve made it this far. Numbers for the follow up classes are a fraction of those that start the course. 
I think it is their loss. The followups virtually amount to personal tuition which in my opinion is priceless.
So make a note on your weight loss record, if you miss one its not likely that you’ll make it to another one IMHO. 

To be updated Wednesday.

Wednesday: It sounded like Andy,s class were having a good time from the corridor.
Four of us turned up for the follow class and after getting weighed part of the discussion revolved around this website and cycling.
Next came the priceless bit that I mentioned before, which was Rons reply to a question on exercise and weight training. It looks like I haven’t been doing the weights effectively along with a lot of others out there.
I’m six months into this programme and still benefiting from the course, tonight class has just confirmed it.

The weigh in:  93.4KG (14.7 Stone or 205.911 pounds) BMI 28.8  now dropped out of the Obese category. It’s been a memorable day.

Todays spinning session down the Oval.

I went down the Oval for a session in the gym followed by a spinning class. This was with the cheap and cheerful heart rate monitor on.
I did a round on the weight machines 5 mins on the rowing machine and 15 mins on the cross trainer, result was about 200 calories burnt.
Spinning class resulted in another 525 calories burnt and a bucket of sweat lost again.

Then it got interesting, I got quizzed on the way out by the girl on the desk “How was the class“. “Good, 500 calories burnt”. ” How do you know“. “Heart rate monitor” I say showing her my wrist. “Should you be doing this on a Lifestyle pass“. “I’ve been doing it for 2 months” “Do they know about it ?”. “Yes” Conversation ends sort of.

Upon which I did another 20 mins on the cross-trainer and did a bit more arm work.
Result 1050 calories burnt.

I’m sure they think I shouldn’t be in there or not paying for the class but the fact is I’m paying £4 a session as they are not covered by the card. At the rate I’m doing them it is cheaper to join the gym and forget about the lifestyle pass which runs out at the end of the month.

The displays on the machines latch onto the chestbelt so you dont have to look at your wrist and give similar results for the calories burnt.

The second follow up class

I’m coming up to the second follow up class tommorow (wednesday) which will be after the wednesday ride from the Eureka cafe.
My weight is around the 97 Kg mark but I’m not too focused on it now. I should also have the blood test results through as a couple of extra boxes got ticked, I’ve got this feeling that the weight loss was starting to ring a few alarm bells. As it is its 25 Kg in 6 months.
The fear of a lack of support from the weekly classes has largely gone as I’ve come to terms with it being an individual effort. A bit like the cycling a solo ride is a totally different experience than a group ride even though it maybe over the same course.

I’ll update this post after the class.

Bumps into a chap coming out of the weekly class who I saw in the gym the previous night while doing a round on the machines prior to the spinning class. Turns out he’s lost 10kg in 8 weeks I think. I gave him the site address, let me know what you think.
I’ll keep an eye out for you in the oval.

Anyway four of us turned up for the class, all blokes and all still loosing weight to a varying degree. My weight for the record 97.2 Kg.
BMI’s were discussed as mine is down to 30 but all were signifcantley lower than when we started. Comment was made about the high drop out rate for women on the follow ups. All I can say is the atmosphere is totally different to the weekly classes in so much as its an opportunity to fine tune what your doing, be it the exercise or the diet (maybe I should say eating plan).

I’ll add more if need be, but I’m only on the 6th month of this plan. Another post next month.


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