Site Upgrade

I’m looking to change the layout and look of the site. The page buttons across are too cluttered and dont look right with sub pages beneath them. The picture of the wheel is going to go too with seasonal photo in its place instead. I’m open to sugestions as to what wordpress theme would look better.

Update: there have been a few minor changes that have improved things , the only problem I have now is the WordPress editor is still set to the old page width.


Tour of Britain Liverpool stage finnish

Roger Hammond @Liverpool TOB

It was great to see Roger Hammond win the Liverpool stage of the Tour of Britain.
The speed of these guys was absolutley amazing the digital camera had trouble focussing on them and is that slow to take a picture I was sure I missed it.

Comments about my Breakfast

Well it had to happen, I’m down at the Eureka Cafe having Frank,s Breakfast because this is part of my diet/lifestyle.
I have this breakfast EVERY time I walk through the door and have written a previous post about it.

Next thing someone who should know better is tut tutting me for eating it and then asks what I am having for pudding.

Whether this was in jest or not it has touch a raw nerve here. I’m not altering the plan to fall in line with the CTC Cycling Diet Police. I’ve said before that I was consious of the fact that I was the only one eating a breakfast and it looks as if the thought was well founded.

It should be an interesting ride Sunday, I’d rather miss the ride than the breakfast.

Liverpool-Chester-Liverpool ride

The Liverpool-Chester-Liverpool cycle ride is this Sunday 2nd July. I did this ride last year and found it most enjoyable, even the climb out the Wallasey Tunnel.

Keep your wits about you if you dont want to end up as an accident statistic, I saw 3 crashes and 2 of them looked like they were ending up in hospital. A bit of a shock to the system on a charity event, so take care.