Week ending 12 Nov 2006

Monday: A round of weights followed by a spiining class at the Oval. Had a problem with the HRM for some reason the data up load is miles off the mark when I did adjust the chest strap during the class it registered a peak of 181 BPM.
Weights and reps to follow.
Tuesday: Better than Monday all round, you could actually get on a machine this time.
Tina,s spinning class had me at a max of 174 BPM but with the average for the class at 139 BPM, I’m trying to work out a calorie count for this but there is a lot going on at the moment. 
Wednesday: Rode down to the Eureka Cafe for the customary breakfast, missed the Wednesday rides due to having to go into work and wishing I had gone on the ride.
Lifestyle and Weight Management followup class. Battery went flat on the Garmin so no data gathered but still got 20 miles under my belt.
Thursday: Booked in for a spinning class down the Oval. Loiuse has taken over from Steph, the music is a lot better. Average heartrate 134 Max 174
Friday: Rode to the Eureka Cafe for Breakfast then up to Heswall and back to Rest Hill
25 miles.

Google Map Link   

Booked a spinning class in WestKirby. Spinning classes are only as hard as you make them. Looks like I made this one hard there was a new maximum heartrate of 187 BPM  and the average was 147 BPM.Over 24 minutes of this was spent in zone 4.
Saturday: Nothing planned, may tinker with the bikes.
Sunday: Looks like it is a CTC ride to the Ice Cream Farm. I’m betting that this will be one of the most popular routes on the site once it is logged and published. Praying for a good day and the scones are still hot when we make it there. The Edge 305 is charged and the memory cleared weather looks OK at 7.40 could be another good day.


The fifth followup class

There is another followup class on Wednesday which will be my fifth one.
My current weight is around 87 Kg so I’m still loosing weight but to a slightly lesser extent. I’m at the stage where I feel well sorted, the diets going well, the cycling is going from strength to strength, this site is going from strength to strength.
Not had any comments from those that had one of the cards but I’m not bothered in the slightest, it takes a lot of nerve to post on a site like this.

To be updated after the class.
Seven attended tonights class which wasn’t a bad turnout the main topics of conversation being the difficulty in doing the exercise. Another one was the calories in oils and fats. One of the facts that is etched in my mind from class 7 or 8 was that there are 9000 calories in a litre of ANY oil.This would explain the fact that you can drive a diesel car for about 10 miles on the stuff.I kept quiet for the most part  but did wonder if they had any idea of the level of exercise they should be doing or what they can do if they put their mind to it.

I’ll post a bit more about this but for the record the weight was 87.3 Kg.  This is a total weight loss of 7 stone and I now fit into a 36 inch waist pair of trousers so thats two milestones in one day. BMI is now 26.9

CTC Ride to Kinnerton (AGM)

I\’ll start off by saying there will a link to Google map at the end of the post that will show the route taken from the Eureka Cafe. If you click on it it should open up a new window.
This is still early days for me with this feature but is set to be a big part of the site.

All my rides start at Higher Bebington at the Travelers Rest Pub and head down Rest Hill, through Thorton Hough to the Eureka Cafe. Today,s ride to the Cafe was a fast one as I was trying to log a fast time for the route I am going to post to the MotionBased site.

Fast forward to the Eureka Cafe which was starting to fill up fast, I managed to order Franks Breakfast before the rush. I was sharing an empty table with Angela (who got one of the cards) and breakfast was soon over. Ray came in and we were soon discussing the Google map of last weeks ride to the Abbey Arms. The detail is amazing and available for all to see. We were that engrossed that we nearly missed the roll call that was outside.

\ Ray, Terry and the Sunlight

 \ I wondered what was so funny.jpg

\Bob pushing his bike to the start!

There is no register this week as we were to split a bit further on. We headed off down the road to Woodbank down the lane heading out towards Sealand and the Welsh border.

Things were going OK untill we joined the path along the Dee and approached the Blue Bridge at Garden City. Here we were stopped by the long arm of the law at what resembled a scene from CSI, which as it turned out was what it was.

Here the group split, a bit further down the cyclepath was a pedestrian entrance with a locked gate. The bikes would have to be manhandled over the gate. Not a problem for Andy he was allready there, no problem for moi, the Toy only weighs 7.5 Kg and I was travelling light today. Next up it was Janet with a much lighter bike this week even with Marmalade sandwidches on board. Finally George passed his bike over and along with Ray we headed off down to the end of the road.

As we were waiting for the group to reform at where we assumed we would all meet up we had the chance to admire Rays latest handiwork. This was in the form of the Indian war paint you can only get from a chain and chainring when parting company from your steed. The cut knee looked far less impressive and thinking about it now it must have hurt. With no sign of the others we headed down to the Blue bridge where the copper the size of a brick outhouse was guarding the entrance to the CSI.


ACycle path at Sealand.jpgndy led us out around the streets and paths of Queensferry to emerge by the new Makro then it was right at the lights at Mancot and up to the Wesh foothills.

\\George Andy Ray and Janet.jpgFurther on.jpg

After the climb out of Mancot up to the cemetory  we took the road to Dobshill. There was a slight problem here as Ray and I pressed on at a good pace to the top at the roundabout. We should have turned off to a track about half way up, thats what happens when you get out of eye and earshot of the leader. Luckily Janet followed us up an redirected us back to the route. we rejoined the route just as George past, it was a short wait for Andy giving us some time to look for a rattle on Janets bike.

Then it was across the footbridge over the A55 and onto the Old Hope Road across the A5104 Mold Road and onto Lower Mtn Road where the pictures of Ray and Janet where taken on the move, which is a bit fiddly at times.

\Ray and Janet.jpgRay heads off into the distance.jpg

 Around the Golly area we had a detour on to Shordley Road  and on to Cobblers lane.It must have been a detour as we saw the main group saunter past the end of the lane. We were either marking time or they were taking the direct route (shortcut) either way we all ended up at the same place. Which was the Scout hut at Higher Kinnerton.

I’ll not dwell on the AGM as this site is not about publishing minutes of CTC AGMs

A small group re-assembled outside and we headed back to the Eureka Cafe. It was all downhill from Kinnerton as they say and we ended up at the footbridge at Saltney.

Heading Back to the Eureka

 Saltney Ferry

It was up through Blacon and then on to the A5117 crossing which was a real bind to cross this time, even though they have removed the barrier in the middle for the coming road improvements.
Now this is where it got interesting for me and it may be of interest to Ray. When I got back onto Woodbank Lane a chap on a racing bike goes past at about 17-19 mph and I set off in pursuit. I pass Bob and another further up the lane and then The Garmin Edge 305 bleeps and tells me to turn left at the top of the lane, I’m still in pursuit of this chap back along the Chester High Road and when it bleeps again and tells me I am at waypoint 2 at the Eureka cafe, absolutley fantastic.It works.

I took a couple of pictures or the returning riders and had a cup of tea in the Cafe.
Then I bumped into The Sicknote Club had a chat with them and rode home with them, the Garmin was bleeping away merrily all the way home signaling the turns.

As I rode up Rest Hill it gave one final bleep as it announced I was approaching the start of the route.

Another great day out, the weather was kind, I got to play with the new gadget, went off the front to give myself a bit of a workout  and generally had a whale of a time.Thanks again everybody.

The route link:

Google map of CTC Ride to Kinnerton

What I Eat

I’ve decided to start a new sub-category under Lifestyle and Weight management about what I am eating as I’ve had a question about it from a chap at work. I’ve loaned people the British Heart Foundation book “So you want to loose weight… for good” and you can see their eyes glaze over when I ask them about it. I always ask for it back as it is the plan I work to.
I suspect people are looking for a quick fix but there aren’t any. Thats not my problem, if you don’t think this plan works take a look at the weight loss diary coupled with This weeks rides and exercise posts.
Anyway I was starting to drift off the subject. This is what I eat.(In work)

Hi ######, 

most days start with about 60 grams of Quaker Oat Granola, with blue berries raspberries and strawberries with enough milk to cover the oats. I substitute banana or apple for any that I don’t have enough of. 9 o’clock is two pieces of fruit in the tea point. Lunch is usually a salad from site 2 canteen that I have to order before 11 if not earlier. I now have a chicken breast with the salad, before that it was tuna with no mayonnaise.
Another two pieces of fruit around 3 o’clock. Probably 2 expressochocs (no sugar) out the drinks machine during the day and cups of water.

For tea it could be a chicken dinner with jacket spuds, and three veg. Or Chillie con-carne made with turkey mince. Once a week it would be a pizza from Tesco,s at first it was a healthy living one but now it is one of the Tesco,s Finest range. Sun dried tomatoes with Buffalo cheese mozzarella comes in at less than 800 cals from memory.
I don’t have any of the pepperoni and cheese things they knock out for a couple of quid, I’d rather pay a bit more for something I like and know isn’t loaded up with high fat ingredients.
If I do feel like a snack of some sort it might be a piece of Soreen Malt Loaf, a small pack of dried apricots or something similar.
When I am not working things are much the same but with a bit more choice around lunchtime. Everything I now eat has to met the portion criteria in the BHF diet. I don’t calorie count as such but do count the portions but in a general sense.
I’ve been doing this for 8 months now so it is a fairly well established routine.
A ride from the Eureka Café would ALWAYS start with the breakfast which has dry toast instead of buttered.
That’s about it, if there is anything else you need to know drop me a mail or call me.

I’m taking the liberty of posting this mail to the site without your name as there are others out there that may be interested in what I am eating.



Weekending 05Nov06

Monday: Spinning class down the Oval, no calories counted on this one as the Garmin Edge 305 doesn’t count calories indoors but the average heart rate was 140 BPM with a maximum of 183 BPM. 25 minutes in zone 4 and 12:13 in zone 5. This is with the new maximum heartrate.
This was followed by a small session on the weights.
Lat pulldown      56KG   17 reps
Chest press       42Kg   18 reps
Pec fly               56Kg    5 ! reps ( I wasn’t up for these)
Arm curl            35Kg    13 reps
Shoulder press  35Kg    11 reps
Tuesday: Work, so couldn’t make Tina,s spinning class. Had it down as a rest day but then felt like doing 20 press upsbefore bed.
Wednesday: Gym after work, did a bigger better weight routine than on Monday plus about 30 mins on the cross trainer. While on the cross trainer Tina and one of the girls from the spinning classes came in. I’ve left a card with Tina as she couldn’t find the site just using spinning as a search criteria in Google. (“spinning calories burnt” is the best one)
Pec fly                 56kg      8 reps
Shoulder press    35Kg     16 reps
Lat pulldown        56Kg     18 reps
Chest press         42Kg     18 reps
Ab isolator           50Kg     17 reps
Chin assist           45Kg     13 reps = 88kg-45kg =43kg
Frame                  18Kg     18 reps
Arm extension      30Kg     8 reps
Dip assist             45Kg     12 reps
Arm curl               35Kg     10 reps
Cross trainer 30 mins 313 calories, 131 BPM average 154 BPM max.
Thursday: Work, restday.
Friday:Work, was going to go the gym but got talked out of it.
Saturday: Pick up The Toys rear wheel after truing by Colin at The Wheelbase. The Bontrager Race Lite wheels have proved to be really good considering the spoke count in them. They’ve done a fair few miles now and hadn’t been touched till last week. No ride today by the look of things, too busy sorting things out for tommorow.