Christmas Eve ride update.

Went to the fracture clinic today, I’ve chipped a collar bone and will be off the bike for a week or two. I go back in three weeks. No sessions on the weights either.
The search is now on for a new helmet. Bell will do me a crash replacement for £9 and I will probably take them up on the offer. Its a pity I can’t upgrade to a better model at the same time.
I’m now looking at a Giro Atmos in Discovery Channel colours. The only problem is finding one. The colours are changing for 2007, a trip up to Deeside cycles had me coming out with raceblades for the Toy rather than a Giro Atmos in Blue/Black. Close to but not quite what I am looking for.

The Turbo Trainer is going to have the dust blown off it and set up infront of the TV. I’ll watch the Lance Armstrong DVD and start playing around with the Garmin routines. 

The Iceni suffered a cracked mudguard, I feel like I’ve cracked a couple of ribs too.
Looking at the state of the helmet I’m pretty sure I would have been in a coma if not worse if I hadn’t been wearing it.
The Altura Hi Viz jacket has had a couple of washes and its still not got all the scrape marks where I hit the road out of it.

I hope its still waterproof. The third wash on an acrylics wash has just got the road rash out of it.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve ride update.”

  1. Frank I have just noticed GIRO Atmos @ Ribble £72 if you buy online and they have it in the blue/grey [Discovery] although I don’t like buying helmets online, prefer to try first. I have no connection with Ribble other than I am on their mailing list and I have just got an email this morning.

  2. Thanks Dave,
    I’m looking into it right now. I’ve been up to the shop once, well stocked but I came away empty handed. Their winter trainer frame with carbon fork is little more than I paid for the carbon fork now on the Iceni. The Iceni frame is very similar but has a larger downtube which makes it very stiff. Probably came out of the same factory in Taiwan.

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