Denhall Lane

To help me manage the routes which are quite long these days I’ve decided to start listing interesting points as a seperate list. This is because I can only have one Lat/Lon reference per post at the moment.

Anyway old Terry showed me this point and its worth doing when your up to it.(Terry is 77 by the way)


If your heading out of Burton take the fork to the left before the climb to Ness Gardens.
It emerges at the buss turn around next to Ness Gardens. Good toilet stop 100 yards from the gate (hot water from the taps)
The picture quality is poor as it was taken on a mobile phone (1.3mp) Pinarello Terry does this climb 3 times.

The second follow up class

I’m coming up to the second follow up class tommorow (wednesday) which will be after the wednesday ride from the Eureka cafe.
My weight is around the 97 Kg mark but I’m not too focused on it now. I should also have the blood test results through as a couple of extra boxes got ticked, I’ve got this feeling that the weight loss was starting to ring a few alarm bells. As it is its 25 Kg in 6 months.
The fear of a lack of support from the weekly classes has largely gone as I’ve come to terms with it being an individual effort. A bit like the cycling a solo ride is a totally different experience than a group ride even though it maybe over the same course.

I’ll update this post after the class.

Bumps into a chap coming out of the weekly class who I saw in the gym the previous night while doing a round on the machines prior to the spinning class. Turns out he’s lost 10kg in 8 weeks I think. I gave him the site address, let me know what you think.
I’ll keep an eye out for you in the oval.

Anyway four of us turned up for the class, all blokes and all still loosing weight to a varying degree. My weight for the record 97.2 Kg.
BMI’s were discussed as mine is down to 30 but all were signifcantley lower than when we started. Comment was made about the high drop out rate for women on the follow ups. All I can say is the atmosphere is totally different to the weekly classes in so much as its an opportunity to fine tune what your doing, be it the exercise or the diet (maybe I should say eating plan).

I’ll add more if need be, but I’m only on the 6th month of this plan. Another post next month.

Weekending 6 Aug 06

Monday: 1 1/2 Hours in the gym, twice around the weight machines 20 mins on cross trainer on fitness test. 10 mins on rowinging machine.
Spinning class, still sweating buckets, highlight of the class was someone bringing in a gel cover for the spinning bike seat. That must be one sore backside.
Tuesday: 1 hour in the gym, usual weight routine. 30 mins on cross trainer on cross country prog 400 cals burnt. 5 mins rowing 56 cals burnt (it felt like more).
Spinning class, tried using cycling shoes on the SPD pedals which made the climbing sections easier.
Wednesday:Down to Eureka for breakfast. Picked  up a CTC ride along with 7 others to a garden centre in Utkinton I think. After lunch it was on to Kelsall and a trip up and down The Yeld which was done on the middle ring. I’ve got to admit I’d have never managed to suss out routes through the countryside like these. History lessons are included from Bob. Took in too much to list here but it was a great day out.
The rain cape got a try out on the ride home from the Eureka and I need to look at what I’m eating on days out over 50 miles as I needed a stop for fuel 5 miles from home again.
63 miles. 
Thursday: Spinning class that I nearly missed due to it starting at 5.45.
Friday: Down to the Eureka for breakfast, then home via Dee marsh and climb to Ness gardens, thru Neston to Parkgate onto Heswall then home via Rest Hill. Virtually danced up Rest Hill so things are definatley improving. 26 miles.
Saturday: nothing planned , waiting in for Currys to deliver a new cooker. Cooker delivered damaged, not a good day went for a drive looking at routes.
Sunday: Absolutley stunning day, my first 100 mile ride ! which is worthy of a post/page all by itself. Last 25 miles was in the rain but I wasn’t bothered. Many thanks to Bob and the Chester and North Wales CTC for leading us out to the stop by Bangor on Dee. I couldn’t do this by myself, the route, company, and scenery all contributed to a mind blowing day. 102.67 miles.

The week: 191.67 miles, 2.5 hrs in the gym. 3 spinning classes. 
Literally a life transformed, only a couple of Kg from coming out out of the obese class into the world of the overweight. I don’t know how to repay those that have helped me along the way other than putting it on here.

Clearing the wardrobe Part 2

Things have taken another turn since the first post two weeks ago. I’ve had to make another trip to Tesco,s to buy some more trousers. 42 inch trousers were just a stop gap, I now fit into 40 inch trousers so came out with 4 pairs that were reduced to make way for the winter ranges. Shirtsize is now a L instead of a XXL on the subject of collarsize I was buying 18.5 inch collars thats now down to about 16.5 inches.
I’ll do another post about current BMI but its dropped around 10, it’s around the 30 mark now so the aim is to drop out of the obese catagory and into the overweight.

Disaster, a pair of the trousers were dry clean only. I threw them in on a quick wash and they came out a good 4 inches shorter. good job I hadn’t paid the £30 that was on the label. You live and learn.

Weekending 30 July o6

Monday: Hour in gym, 15mins cross trainer, 5 mins rowing, the rest on weights.500ml of water before the Spinning class, another 500ml of water during the class. Sweated most if not more out during the class. Another 15 mins doing my arms after the class.
Tuesday: Wirral circular route, must have had the wind behind me as I was doing 25 mph down the prom at Seacombe. Called in to see Brian, stopped at West Kirby and had a treat, an strawberry lolly ice. The first since I’ve been on the plan. Met Pinarello Terry whilst I was filling my water bottle (dont buy the “Paris” that’ll be two bling bikes you have) another climb up Grange road out of West Kirby. It was good but not as satifying as doing it the first time.
Turned left at the bottom of the hill and then it was up Montgomery Drive and then another climb up the roundabout at the Irby Mill, these used to be the hardest climbs that I could manage without collapsing at he top of them. But it was the only way out of West Kirby at the start.
Back home via my Mum and Dads and Rest Hill,30 miles.
Spinning class at 6.30 . 
Wednesday: Down to the Eureka via the Missing link, breakfast as usual. Picked up a ride from Bob of the CTC and six others to the Waterfalls Garden Centre near Wrexham.
Turned out to be a really great day out, couldn’t tell you for the life of me what route was taken but a lot of it was all new to me including the cycle path down along the River Dee. Had an unbuttered tea cake at the garden centre which probably wasn’t enough.
Back through Chester on the cycle paths to the Eureka, bought the tea which seemed to go down well. Back home through Puddington, Ness Neston and split off at Gayton.
Had to refuel at Heswall Hills with an oat flapjack. A memorable day. 67 miles
Nearly forgot RestHill at the end of it.
Thursday: Restday
Friday: Another restday
Saturday:Evening out after work. This is the longest break for a while where I haven’t done some form of extra exercise.

Weekending 23July06

Monday: 30 mins in the Fitness Suite then a spinning class. Starting to get some payback from this class, climbing hills isn’t as hard as it was. It’s not easy by any stretch of the imagination and compared to some of the other in the class I have no speed for the sprints , but I’m not cheating by having no resistance on the machine.
Tuesday: 1/2 Wirral loop with stops for photo,s for the  easy routes I’m trying to develop .Brilliant weather, tackled the climb out of West Kirby ( Grange Road) for the first time, stopped at the top for a photo I liked it that much. Thurstaton cutting was tackled too along with RestHill with a photo taken at the bottom. 
The  second Spinning class this week went well now that I’m drinking water before the class starts. 25 Miles. 

 West Kirby
Grange Road out of West Kirby


Resthill Road

Wednesday: 1 Hr in the gym after work, 20 mins on crosscountry cycle program.
Thurday:  1 Hr in the gym after work, 25 mins on crosscountry cycle program.
 Friday: Rest Day, watched Tour de France.
Saturday:  Another rest day, will fettle the bike for Sunday.
Sunday: Wirral Circular Route, Hoylake was quite quiet considering the final of the Open was on. Posting a picture of Telegraph road at Thurstaton as this is a fair climb and I would have to say its a DANGEROUS one at that.

Telegraph Road.jpg

It was straight to the Eureka Cafe for breakfast then back home via the Missing Link for 11o’clock.  Booked 2 spinning classes. 41 miles most of it absolutley empty. 

Wirral Coastal cycle path(Easy)

 This is the first route I am going to do and the easyest. There is a slight rise halfway along that might require you to change down a gear or two BEFORE you hit the bottom, not when your starting to struggle half way up.

Start: Seacombe Ferry
Finnish: New Brighton
Start is at Seacombe Ferry and the finish is the pub at New Brighton they have been renovating for what seems like years. This is just meant to be a taster route and to let me get the hang of things.


As you can see it’s deserted at this time of the morning.
Next picture is just past the pub that overllooks the Mersey.


Youve just come down this slope, so keep pedalling. Next up is the slope I was telling you about at the start.


The next picture is the end of the route.


Now turn around and ride back to the start. That shouldn’t take too much out of you.

Eating whilst on a ride.

A post to stop you falling into the trap I fell into.

Before I went on the weight management course I was stuck at around 122 Kg. I’d be doing a 30 mile circular route about once a week that took in the promenade at Seacombe and New Brighton, Hoylake WestKirby and home. As part of this ride I’d regulary stop off at the kiosk at the pitch an putt in NewBrighton.
Here I’d buy a Mars bar and a Corneto (mint flavour) icecream, I thought I deserved it I’d just cycled 8 miles I must have burned that off just getting there.

This stop sometimes washed down with a Fanta was undoing the work of the next 20 odd miles I was going to put in, including Montgomery hill outside WestKirby. How many calories in a Corneto anyone?

That was then, now it’s a piece of fruit if I bother to stop and I’ll only ever have water in the bottle. I’ll have an energy bar in the back pocket for emergencies. One other thing, a Mars Bar after 10 miles in your back pocket looks like the last thing on earth you’d want to eat.

The first follow up class

To say I was apprehensive about this one is an understatement I’ve been populating the site with posts for the last month with no feedback and then I get two comments from Ron. Thanks Ron.

Like on the classes I attended we were introduced to the class that replaced our class, that moment has stuck in my mind and is one of the reasons  why this site was formed.
I want to put something back into the program that has benefitted me so much.

If you were in that class, I was in exactly the same situation 3 months ago. In a few weeks time you are going to be fully equiped to follow this plan on your own.
I’ll restate what I said this evening “Do your daily exercise plan, and if you’ve been given a Leisure Pass make sure you use it, the gains can be tremendous”.

Anyway six of us turned up, four from the class I attended and two others, I thought there might have been a few more but there could be a thousand reasons for not turning up, one being it’s holiday season.

The weigh in revealed a weight loss of 4 kg  in five weeks with my weight now at 101Kg, a total of 31Kg lost to date.

The rest of the time was spent explaining a bit about this site, how to access it  and a Q&A session on aspects of taking up cycling again and routes.
It looks like the map and routes section is going to need a fair bit of work to get it up and running 100% and I also need to address the problem of those without internet access or any computer knowledge.

I’ve been very encouraged by the feedback, if there is anything anyone wants to discuss, post a comment.

Weekending 16 July06

Monday:Spinning class, bit easier on the arms this week, still sweating buckets. Took a bigger bottle of water in this week too.
Tuesday:1 Hour in the gym after work. Added an extra 5kg on a few of the machines.No exercise bike just the cross-trainer and the rowing machine.
Wednesday:Wirral loop(40miles)took some pictures of the prom at Seacombe, had to turn down a ride to the Ice Cream Farm which was pity but the new toy needs collecting from a service. The toy is a Trek Maddone 5.2 for those that know what one is, thought I deserved a treat as I’ve now lost 3 times the weight of one of these.
Weigh in at St Caths.
Thursday: Wasn’t in the mood for the gym as the Tour De France is on so did a loop down Levers Causeway, up Resthill turned around at the top then did it again.Next time three.
Friday: Got to the gym in my kit only to be told it shut at 8 on a friday, DOH looks like a restday then.
Saturday: Came across old Terry going the Mills down Resthill, rode along with him through the farm at Willaston(didn’t know this route so thanks), second Breakfast of the week then started a Wirral loop with Terry. Went down the lane to the marsh and did the climb that emerges by Ness gardens. A nice climb(thanks again), onto Parkgate, Terry left at Gayton. Terry is 76 by the way! Onto WestKirby, Hoylake and along the sea defences  to Moreton Lighthouse where it was time to join the road. Back on coastal route to NewBrighton, Seacombe.Stopped at Woodside to sea cruise ship in Mersey.
Home. 48 miles.
Sunday: Breakfast at the Mills, rode to Ice cream farm with Jim Kevin Alan and Charlie.Back on the canal path. Brilliant sunshine. Another good day out. Up Resthill.
55 miles.

Total 143 miles  1 spinning class and an hour in the gym + a loop up Resthill


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