Weekending 01 Apr 07

Monday: Gym after work, weights. Rowing 2 km in 7:48.9 this was hard work anything under 8 minutes is good for me. Treadmill 1.5 miles at 10.1 mph, crosstrainer 10 minutes waiting for a treadmill to become free. Ab isolator 2 sets of 20 x 50kg.
Tuesday: Work.
Wednesday:  CTC ride to Utkington Garden Centre 46.3 miles. Ride write up in another post Maxheartrate 179bpm means I was pushed at one stage.
Booked a spinning class at the Oval. Haven’t done Barbera,s class for a while. If I didn’t work much of a sweat up on the ride I did here. Again I had problems with the HRM in certain positions. Anyway 660 calories burnt with a max heartrate of 180 bpm. Spoke to Barbera after the class about spinning and the weight loss.
This was a hard class if you wanted to push yourself, sprints straight into a climb plus longer than usual sets means the 660 calories is at least 100 too low.
Hope you managed to find the site Barbara.
Thursday: Ride around Wirral coast, weather held out, but the wind was a bit fierce around Seacombe and New Brighton.
Louise,s Spinning Class at the Oval. 750 calories burnt. Now it didn’t look like I was going to make the numbers but I buried myself in the final sprint and my maximum heartrate was 179 bpm. For some reason it was around 150-155 bpm for most of the class no matter what I did.
2 Sets of Weights and I felt really good after all that lot.
Friday: Sheila,s spinning class at Europa pools booked. 600 calories and five or six first timers. I don’t think a lot of them knew what they had let themselves in for but if they do a second class all is not lost. The first class I did had the steepest learning curve I think I’ve ever done. Spoke to one of the girls after the class about this blog. Louise has been spreading the word. Thanks Louise. Same time same place next Thursday, front row in my Discovery Channel kit.
As I  still felt full of beans it was 10 minutes on the crosstrainer as the treadmills were full and then a mile at 10.4 mph when one became empty.

Spinning Calories Burnt in a Google search has this site as 3 out of 40,300 which is good going for a bloke that was morbidly obese . The classes are the reason I’m now dancing on the pedals up the hills, not king of the mountains by any means but now better than a lot of others. 
: Ride day, CTC 50 mile Tourist Trial from Kinnerton, promises to be a grand day out Grommit. 51 and a bit miles in 3:04 hrs, 3:20 including the lunch stop. Ride write up and a few pictures in another post in my usual style.  

Weekending 25 Mar 07

Monday:  Work. Gave the exercise a miss after Sunday.
Tuesday: Tina,s spinning class at the Oval. Rowing beforehand 2km in 7:49 which is good for me. Some weights. The class was late as Tina had a series of problems that made her late. 700 calories and peaking out at 180 BPM. I’ve spoken to Tina about the weightloss and how spinning has helped. Tina,s class was my first and you always remember your first class.  Thank,s Tina you’ve been part of turning me around.
Wednesday: Rowing weights and a 4 1/2 mile run on the treadmill before my weighin.
Thursday: Louise,s spinning class at the Oval. Now Louise reads this blog and picked up on me yawning in last weeks class. No yawning this week. The class was about 720 calories but had the pulse up to 183 BPM. I put this down to six sets of eight to Sandstorm by Darude followed by four sets of the same. Followed by dips in sets of four of each. I can bury myself in this track and do. Hence the high pulse.
Again thanks Louise you’ve been another one that been part of turning me around.
More weights and 2 miles on the treadmill after had me burning 1,000 calories in total.
The 2 miles was at 10 mph, another stint before I left had me seeing how fast I could go, kept the finger on the speed button and it’s 15 mph. Thats faster than my average speed on a bike. Julie the running shoes are great. Running muscles are different to cycling muscles and now I’m feeling it, not bad but it’s still there.
Friday: Ride today as I missed out on Wednesday, rode to the Eureka for breakfast then down to the Dee via Denhall Lane stopped for a tea at Ness gardens and the on to Parkgate where I had to adjust the seat as it slipped on a bump.  Up to Heswall to see my mun then onto West Kirby where I met up with a chap fron New Brighton road club who was training for a race. Ice cream at West Kirby then on to the bike shop at Moreton. Finally got the sealskinz gloves I wanted. Saw Brian and came home via Arrow Park and Barnston dip, still managed 40 miles.
Sheila,s spinning class at Europa pools there are a lot booking and not turning up. This was an intense class. Six sets of eight second sprints followed by dips at the same pace is tough. The HRM said about 550 calories but again some positions give loss of contact and a low calorie count. Spoke to Sheila after the class about what I’m doing.
15 minutes on the crosstrainer before the class 129 calories.
Saturday: Work.
Sunday: Work. Two sets of 5 chinups.

Not a bad week, Wednesday was the end of my year on the Lifestyle and Weight Management Course and what a year its been. Thanks everyone for the advice and support.

Weekending 18 Mar 07

Monday: Louise,s Spinning class at the Oval, nearly missed it but got there in time. Hills were the theme this week requested by the woman on the bike next to me.
Sandstorm for the final sprint with four sets of eight out of the saddle.
It was the best part of 800 calories burnt with 65 calories burnt just warming up before the class started.
Max Heartrate was 180 BPM, low 65, average 135
2 1/2 Mars bars burnt. ( for Louise,s benefit)

Weights in the gym after the class added another 200 calories to the total.

Tuesday: Tina,s spinning class at the Oval. Preceeded by weights and a bit of rowing.
Tina was early which meant I’d burnt the best part of 140 calories before the class started. Another two new starters needed inducting. We had another couple of minutes and it shows in the figures. 904 Calories burnt in little over an hour. Take off the 140 and your still looking at a respectable 760 calories.

Another set of weights after the class then still with my SPD mountain bike shoes on I go for a run on the treadmill. 1.5 miles at 8 mph heartrate was around the 140 BPM  mark. Another 200 calories burnt doing all this  and I still felt I could have done more.

Wednesday:Ride with the CTC which group I don’t know. I’m looking for a challenge with Sunday coming up

Thursday: Louise,s spinning class at the Oval. Only 600 calories in this one and for some reason I’m yawning  through parts of it. 2 Mars Bars worth Louise.Weights after the class. Rowing, 500 metres in 1:50. I changed shoes and then went on the treadmill.
2 miles this time which is a first. 1.5 miles were at 10mph after finding 9mph a tad slow.
Possibly more next time at this rate, now I’m thinking about running shoes.

Friday: Work

Saturday: Work. Sort everything out for the big day tommorow.

Sunday: Audax from Poynton to Chirk, 200 Km. My longest ride yet.  This is all leading up to my final followup class next Wednesday. A year since I started all this and the end of the line as far as the course goes.

Weekending 11 Mar 07

Monday: Louise,s Spinning class 700 calories  Average 133 Hi 184 fat 92g. 2k on the rowing machine with a 500m 100% effort 8:34 What exercise and weight machines I could get on. Full class.
Tuesday: Tina,s spinning class at the Oval. had a few problems with the chest strap. I had tried it across my back to see if it improved the contact but it proved not to be the case. Part of the problem was not detecting it early enough. Tina,s classes are in the dark so I have to use the backlight to check how I’m doing. 500+ calories registered but I know it was more. Another full class.
Before the class to kill a bit of time I did another 2 kilometres on the rowing machine.
2 kilometres in 7:56 with a fast last 100 metres. The HRM said I had a maximum pulse of 192 BPM boy did it feel like it. This was my 100% effort  for the week, I hadn’t planned on it but you know when your up for it. I’d well cooled down by the time we were let into the spinning class.
Wednesday: Looks like a midweek ride with the CTC. Where I don’t know. Presidents Memorial Ride to Chrisleton. Ride report and a few pictures.
Thursday: Restday
Friday: Work, now for the first time in my life I took my kit into work for a session in the gym after work. Went to Europa pools at Birkenhead as they are open untill 10pm. Started out on the crosstrainer but after 100 calories I didn’t think I was getting much out of it so I switched to various weight machines a few of which were new to me. That was followed by 2 Km on the rowing machine, 7:57. Arm extension next and I’ve run out of things to do. Cycling is out, and so is leg work so there wasn’t much left.
Only thing left to do is the treadmill so I give it a go.
Now I haven’t done anything like this since I left school and the reason is I was crap at it but the place is near enough empty so what the hell.

Pressing quickstart I up the pace untill I’m jogging at about 6mph then start playing around with the programs and choose aerobic. Keying in the figures gives me a target heartrate of 138 BPM. This seemed to be a steady enough pace but my heartrate was too low so I upped the pace untill it was 7 mph and still it was under so then the inclination got upped. Once I’d reached the target the machine started to adjust the load to keep the heartrate at 138 BPM. The gradient was around 7% and I felt good at this pace. Anyway before I know it I’ve done a mile and a half  and I call it a day. As I don’t seem to have any problems with the knees these days I’ll think I’ll have another go at this. I’ll wear a HRM next time as the machine was continually asking me to stick my hand on the pads.
I surprised myself tonight, I didn’t think I would like it but it wasn’t too bad, next time 2 miles who knows where from there.
Sunday: Work

Weekending 04 Mar 2007

Monday: Spinning. No places at the Oval meant it was a trip to West Kirby and Barbara,s class.  This was packed too, I suspect a few hadn’t swiped in.
A good class about 750 calories burnt, average heartrate was 139 BPM, peaking at 178 BPM, not a maximum effort but close. Vocal class !!!. Also noted was Gel seat covers making an appearance, they have obviously not had the sublime pleasure of a Brooks B17 narrow. Tried a couple of weight machines in the gym, a bit hard to get on stuff when half seem to be using the machines as chairs between sets.
Tuesday:  Spinning. Another virtually full class, a couple of weights before the class and a couple after. 650 calories burnt, it felt like more, it may have been a slipping belt. Max 162 BPM, sweated buckets. Average 140 BPM, during the class but the stretching exercises lowers it a few BPM.  Weight machines, not quite as bad as West Kirby but it it was Tuesday. Thanks Tina. Next Tuesday prebooked for once. 
Wednesday: Restday, which means tiling a bathroom after work.
Thursday: Looks like a session in the Gym. It was a session at the Oval. Crosstrainer 15 minutes. followed by 500m/1min rest intervals on the Rowing Machine 3km rowed. Various upper body weights. Nothing outstanding but still better than sitting watching TV.
Friday: Work, nothing planned
Saturday:Work, nothing planned

Sunday: Ride day, undecided which one to do.

Weekending 25 Feb 2007

Monday: I’ve had better days but managed to get a spinning class at the Oval. Work on the car didn’t go to plan and had to be abandoned. Had 20 minutes on the cross trainer before Louise,s class  and a couple of weights then it was time to grab a bike as people had turned up early. The Precor crosstrainer reads significantly more calories than the Crane Sports HRM.
Louise is a regular reader of the spinning section now, so all the posts were not in vain.
It was a full class with a couple of new starters, the attrition rate of new starters is nearly as bad as the Lifestyle and Weight Management Course I am still on. Many do one class and are never seen again.
Any way it was a good class with a sprint at the end we weren’t expecting. This was an opportunity to bury myself again, I’d had a maximum effort on the previous hill section.
The stats: 815 Calories burnt. 65 of these were in the warmup while the newcomers were being shown the ropes. So the net result is Louise,s Monday class 750 calories burnt. Max heart rate 187 bpm.
Now a google search has a 42g Mars Bar at 190 calories, so thats 4 Mars bars worth.

The Mars bar scale is a bit tricky as there are a number of different sizes of bar and the size has come down over the years, a 60 odd gramme bar is 290 calories on some of the searches I’ve done. It looks like i’ll have to get to the bottom of this one as I’ve been using the Mars bar scale for a while. I used to snack on these out of the vending machine at work. There is a worse example, a Cadburys Double Decker.

284 Calories in a 62.5g Mars bar. A normal size Mars bar is now 62.5g  so 42g must be a funsize or multipack size. A bit of a let down knowing a  good spinning class is only 2 and a bit Mars bars.

Tuesday: An hour in the gym after work, weights logged plus a session on the rowing machine 500 metre intervals with 1 minute rest. 1:56, 2:06, 2:01.4, 2:01.4, 2:00.9  2885 metres rowed in around 15 minutes including the rests. 
Wednesday: Lifestyle and Weight Management course followup class.
Thursday: Gym after work, weights, crosstrainer 250 cals, Rowing routine as above. 500m/1:00r 1:57.5 1:56.6 1:55.6 1:55.6 1:53.8 3152 metres rowed. Started to do 2 sets on some weight machines with a reduced weight.
Friday: Ride Sundays route to Delamere. An absolute disaster of a day The route was corruted and I ended up riding The Lady Hayes ride, worthy of a post on its own.
Sunday: CTC ride to Delamere led by moi. Ray has prepared this route for me, thanks Ray I owe you another one. Includes The Yeld after lunch just to liven things up. Bonus points awarded for getting  up in the middle ring(road not MTB). Double bonus points for beating me up. Ad hoc points awarded awarded throughout the ride. Points for turning up, points deducted for punctures.The run leaders decision is final.

 Stop Press: Yeld removed from ride!!!. The track from the visitor centre is too muddy so I’m looking at another route.Shame I know, I’m sure you were looking forward to it.

Weekending 4 Feb 07

Monday: 1 hour at the Oval gym after work. Weight routine logged, the numbers are all lower than before the crash. Rowing, 5 minutes, second at 100%. Good to be back.
Tuesday: Work
Wednesday: 1 hour in the gym before Barbara,s Spinning Class. Weights , logged another session on the rowing machine doing one minute intervals. About 280 calories before the class. I haven’t been to Barbara,s wednesday class for a while, it clashed with last weeks weighin. It was a full class with a number of new starters. Guess who forgot his water bottle and had to buy a drink out of the vending machine. 500ml isn’t enough for me these days. I saw Barbara at the end and mentioned that the site had had 160 odd visitors to the Spinning pages alone. If you ever get time to see this post Barbara let me know what you think.
There is no let up in some of Barbara,s classes, the HRM tells me. If you’re doing a climb it is more than likely going to be followed by a sprint. Anyway it was a good hard class for me. The stats: 884 Calories burnt including a warm up and cool down. Spinning calories burnt 720+, I’d checked at the end of the class. Max heartrate 185 BPM. Average heartrate 147 BPM  and that was over 1 hour.
Thursday: Loise,s spinning class at the Oval. Managed to get a place, this is a 5:15 start so you can be done and dusted for 6:00. Four new starters tonight, the first time is always a shock and two of them came without any water. Not something you do twice, thats if you make it twice. The stats: 790 Calories burnt, Max heartrate 187. Average 136, I hadn’t reset the timer so it’s lower than last night. Trust me, it should be higher.
I had a word with Louise after the class about all the spinning related hits that I am getting and gave her the link to the site. This is where the Six Degrees of Seperation comes into play. I’d mentioned about the world wide interest and that I’d even had a hit from YellowKnife, Canada. Louise it turns out has a relative in YellowKnife and tells me it’s a tiny place. Talk about a small world.
Friday: Managed to get a spinning class at Europa pools.
First time there, the class had about a dozen machines. All Schwinn machines, I’ve mentioned these before and the harder workout they give you compared to a Precor machine. Two new girls started the class, and by the look of things they didn’t know what they had let themselves in for. Sheila takes the class with a radio microphone headset  which was the first time I’d been in a class with one.
The format is much the same as with other spinning classes but each class is never the same as the last and each instuctor has little differences compared to another.
It all makes for a bit of variety.
Towards the end of the class Sheila puts on Sandstorm by Darude saying in we all know what this means. A Sprint ?, the woman on the bike next to me said ” Pain”.
I don’t know what the intervals where but it seemed like a minute, a great way to end the class. There is a stretch that is supposed to stretch the inner thigh, I’ve been doing it wrong due to having the wrong foot position since I started. Thanks Sheila for putting me right. You learn something every day.
Stats: 770 Calories burnt. Max heartrate 181 BPM (I’ve been slacking) Average heartrate 148 BPM.
Saturday:  Managed to get through the fog only to find the Oval shuts at five on a Saturday.Reception managed to find out that Bidston was open untill 7:30 so Bidston it was, thanks for making that call. Rowing , crosstrainer  and ten minutes on that machine thats like cycling with your arms plus a session on the weights had me burning 470 calories. It’s been a good week, I feel I’m back into it, seen 84.5 Kg on the scales for 2 mornings which is a new low.
Sunday: Work

Weekending 28 Jan 07

Monday: Gym after work, back into the routine, fracture clinic have discharged me so no excuses now. I’ve reduced the weights by about 25 to 33% on some of the upper body routines depending if there is any pain in my shoulder. 30 minutes on the cross trainer hill climb program. 2 km on the rowing machine with a 500m stint at full tilt bearing in mind I had over a km still to do. Weights as above.
Tina came into the gym, saw me and had a big smile on her face, she’s finally managed to find the site on a Google search. The site went down well which was a relief as I’ve been writing about people for a while now. There is worldwide interest in spinning and the related topics that I post on here, some are one off searches but other keep coming back, thanks, I appreciate it.
Tuesday: Rode out to Mels funeral, -2 deg C on the thermometer and ice across the road down Resthill, another patch outside Barnston. Around 70 cyclists met up at the Basset Hound and led the fureral cortege to Landican Cemetery. Returned home on the same route. Will write it up on Mels post.

Tina,s Spinning class at the Oval. Usual position for me, front row under the Air-Con, I need it. No hiding on the back row out of sight with minimal resistance here.
Patrica came over and asked for the site address, I was fortunate enough to have a couple as I’d just got in from Birkenhead after printing another 50 off to hopefully give out at the followup class.
One of the girls behind me asked about the site address and the diet and also mentioned a weight target and a date, another card was given out. If you get around to reading this drop me a comment ( I don’t know your name, it’s a first name only site)
All I can say is look at the weightloss diary but bare in mind the starting weight I was. There is another post I’ve made about having set a double target (weightloss and date)and feeling failure if you don’t make the target one week. Mine was about a kilo a week and I felt fine. I followed the eating plan (diet) to the letter, it is no longer a diet to me, it’s now what I eat. I’ll be doing this for the rest of my natural born, going back to what I became isn’t an option.
I hope you can meet your target, doing a spinning class shows your well up for the exercise.(30 mins 5 times a week)
Back to Tina,s class, always as hard as you make them which in my case means as much as I can take. Sprinting to start with and then a sign that Tina’s read the site, Sandstorm by “Darude”(link to Youtube video that fires me up), I haven’t span to this for months, thanks Tina it made my day. Later on there is a move that I can’t do to save my life. It’s a dip to a flatback position and then a move of the upper body from right to left returning to an upright position. Like dancing I’m hopeless at this, it must be a bloke thing.
A couple of climbs and it’s over, 700+ calories burnt, max heartrate 174 BPM and gone through a large water bottle. Thirsty work spinning, thanks again Tina.
Wednesday: Ride out to the Eureka probably with Sandstorm in my head, if it is it promises to be fast. Ride to Kinnerton. 55 miles.
Friday: Booked a spinning class at West Kirby. Weight routine upstairs before the class.Barbara,s class had me Burn 730 calories by the time I had cooled down. The watch says max heartrate was 187 BPM. Class was full on a Friday night too. Barbara got one of the cards tonight, If you make it this far Barbara there’s been over 100 visitors to the spinning section alone, here the data I see. There are some really unusual places popping up on the map now.   This is the regional data from Google Analytics , the place data is even better
1. no data                20                                              
2. Peterborough         5
3. California               4
4. London, City of      4
5. Connecticut           4
6. Redbridge              4
7. Wigan                   3
8. Buckinghamshire    3
9. Cheshire                3
10. Georgia                3
More when I can get around to it.


Saturday: Work
Sunday: Audax. A Mere 150 from Cheadle. 158 KM promises to be a good day.


weekending 14 Jan 07

Tuesday: Tina,s spinning class at the Oval. First one of the year and a surprise in store. 775 Calories burnt a new record for me. Probably helped by having a bit more resistance in than level 1. 750ml of water didn’t last the full class but it was a couple of minutes over as we ended up doing two sprints. One was to Jump by Girls Aloud not content with this we ended up doing the second choice as well, this involved a sprint for a minute that was more like three. The heartrate was above 150 BPM for most of the class with 170 BPM for some of the routines. Max was 177 BPM but it could have been higher. I’m breathing heavily at this level and sweating profusley.
I’m still counting calories 5 minutes after the class has finished. Some new faces in there, must be new years resolutions kicking in. Hope they keep it up.
Wednesday: CTC ride to Halkyn, written up elswhere.
Friday: A few light weight, nothing heavy.
Saturday: 100 calories on the turbo trainer. Pulse up to 150 BPM then a fitness test on the new Crane Sports Heartrate monitor. Tried out a few of the Weight Free exercises from the Mens Health magazine. Need to get a routine sorted as I’m not settled at anything at the moment.
Sunday: Work = no ride. Maybe another turbo session

Tonights Spinning Class at West Kirby.

It may be coming up to Christmas and things are a bit hectic but but I\’m still keeping up with my exercise routine. I\’d normally have gone down to the Oval for a tuesday class but Tina had hurt her wrist or arm from what I can gather, so it was West Kirby instead. For those that do a google search and come across this site I use local council facilities, I\’m not a member of one of the fancy gym chains.

Barbara takes the classes at West Kirby, she hasn\’t seen this site yet but 974 others did last month. 42 of them visited the spinning section, 2 were from America 1 of which lives in California. So there is worldwide interest in her class.

I had a short session in the gym before the class as I had set out early because of fog. I was logging the session with the Garmin Edge 305 being used as a heart rate monitor. The only thing this doesn\’t do is count calories indoors. I\’m aware a lot of you are doing google searches of calories burnt while spinning as this site has a high google ranking for such a search. I now alternate between the two as I don\’t want a  Polar HRM just yet.

Barbaras classes are as hard as you make them but I do think the Schwinn bikes have something to do with it. These have a heavy flywheel and these take some getting up to speed. The thing is lets say youv\’e just completed a hillclimb section and have backed off the tension to level 1 for a sprint section, as your not getting a breather because your still turning a heavy flywheel your heartrate doesn\’t drop. It remains at a high level.

For the record I set a new maximum heart rate of 192 BPM in tonights class. I was pushing high numbers for  most of the class, the log has me at 21 minutes in zone 5, 14 minutes in zone 4 and 15 minutes in zone 3. Now for a bloke my age the numbers are not starting to add up. The commonly used formula is 220 BPM – Age.
For me this would be 220-47 = 173 BPM. I\’ve just seen 192 and wasn\’t on the verge of keeling over. It was tough but by no means 100%, 100% is me in a heap.
I\’ve been close to a heap and it was 166 bpm lets say 18 months ago.

I don\’t consider myself above average, 10 months ago I was well below it. It is something I am going to look into. I\’ll have to ask Barbara what routine it is. There must be some logic to it. Any way it\’s done me a lot of good. The fan also helped, I\’ve been absolutley soaking after some classes. I stopped the clock when my pulse went down to 106 BPM.